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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Scrubs for a lucky reader

Editor's note: Mothers in Medicine was invited to review a new scrubs line by Maevn Uniforms, with the kicker that we could give away one set of these scrubs to a reader.  X-Ray Vision volunteered to receive 5 scrubs separates and write her honest review of them. See her review below, and at the bottom is information about the giveaway.

Check out the entire EON line from Maevn Uniforms here

I graduated my radiology residency in June. I had 2 weeks of vacation and on July 1, since I was the only fellow who also did residency at the same institution, I was given the wonderful gift of starting my fellowship as an attending, covering the evening shift (reading all ER and inpatient radiology studies) from 5-11PM for 10 days straight. We are given attending privileges during fellowship to specifically cover this shift. On a side note, it was completely terrifying to suddenly be on my own without anyone double-checking my work. Long story short, I survived!

As a (soon to be) breast imager, I don’t wear scrubs often. Contrary to the popular belief that radiologists don’t actually see patients, I see patients every day during my fellowship—whether it is diagnostic work-up that includes ultrasound, image-guided procedures or even to just relay results on a recent biopsy. For this reason, my fellowship director likes us to wear white coats and dress professionally. 

The silver lining to starting my fellowship as an attending was that I was able to try out these scrubs! I’ve never thought twice about the type of scrubs I wore but let me say, this was a total game changer.

As a trainee, I have never actually purchased scrubs and have always used whatever was provided for me by the hospital. Therefore, my comparison will have to be between regular hospital scrubs versus the Maevn scrubs.  

The 5 items I was given to review included the active top, active sporty mesh panel pant, V-neck pocket top, full elastic cargo pant, and active sporty mesh panel jacket.

Material: The first thing I noticed with the Maevn scrubs is the quality of the material. It just felt more durable. However, when I actually wore the scrubs, it was when I could really notice the difference. I especially loved the side panels from their active sporty mesh scrubs as it made the clothing much more “breathable” and light.

Color:  Our institution only provides scrubs in one color—royal blue. It’s not horrible but I do love that these scrubs come in a variety of color—including black, navy, royal blue, lavender, gray and wine.

Tops: I loved both tops. I’m a petite Asian girl. Even the smallest hospital scrubs make it look like I’m wearing an oversized garbage bag as a shirt! I loved that both tops fit well but my favorite part was the pockets. The active top had side packets that appear more discrete and the V-neck top had 2 pockets in the front—both served the same purpose. It carried my keys, my wallet and a place to hang my hospital badge. The hospital scrub top just has a single pocket overlying the right upper chest, which I never liked! If I used it to carry my stuff, it would inevitably fall out.

Pants: I loved both pants as well. However, I preferred the sporty mesh panel pants because of the mesh itself as mentioned above. Both pants also had elastic waistband, which makes it fit better than the typical scrub pants. In addition, both have side pockets, which is so convenient as also mentioned above!

Jacket: I have never had a matching jacket for my scrubs. Most of the time, I never have a jacket. I live in California so the weather usually does not require a jacket. And of course, I always forget just how cold the hospitals actually are! (especially when you’re alone in a reading room at 11PM) I loved how light the jacket is that it doesn’t feel excessive but at the same time, it serves its purpose and keeps you warm. The jacket might feel like a superfluous purchase but the material is great and if I figure you are more likely to remember to use it if it’s part of your scrubs, you can get a lot out of it.

Overall: I was surprised at how much I loved this line from Maevn. It’s the little things that matter on a busy call night. For me, it’s usually the late night plate of cafeteria sweet potato fries without the guilt that can be the silver lining but for my first 10 days of fellowship covering all radiology studies from the ED, traumas and inpatients, I was quite pleased that at least I could say I was comfortable in what I was wearing! It’s hard to put a price on that and I would definitely recommend purchasing these scrubs as an investment!

As mentioned, we are giving away one set (top and bottom in style, color, size of choice) of these EON scrubs. To enter, send a quick email to with Scrubs in the subject line by 10pm EST today, and we'll randomly select a winner.  Good luck!

7/22/16 update: A winner was selected. Congratulations, Sarah!