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Friday, August 14, 2015

MiM intro: Hopeful MS1

Hopeful. That's the best way I describe myself going into medical school as mom of Toddler. Hopeful. As in, I hope I can handle the work. I hope I can find time for research. I hope I can keep up with Toddler. I hope Toddler can get some siblings over the next four years. I hope that I am not completely wrong about everything and foolish for even attempting the life I think I am trying to build. So I am hopeful.

Hello. Thank you MiM for existing. Reading this site has been a source of much calm during my post-bacc. I got engaged, married and had my first child while preparing for medical school. Just starting my training, I’m in my early thirties. I have yet to buy my books, and yet I enter with the weight of responsibilities and demands on my time that most of my peers won't experience until after residency. It's terrifying. It's discouraging. It's jumping head first, eyes shut, with no parachute into the complete unknown, hoping to land safely, or at the very least... Survive. 

I am excited, honored and humbled to join this community. As I start medical school in just under two days (what?!), I hope (there is that word again) to share my experience as a career changer, medical trainee, aspiring researcher, and most importantly, a mama. This intro post took me a while to sit down and write, mostly because it feels like this marks the beginning. And I guess I was putting it off for just a little longer… because I was putting off admitting to myself that my world is about to turn upside down. I'm ready to jump in, and I'm glad to take MiM with me.