About Us

Cutter is a general surgery resident in her last years of training. She is the mother of a beautiful little girl and married to the love of her life, a brilliant musician in the body of a finance guy. She loves books, football and economics. She started reading this blog during her intern year just as a source of encouragement from women in medicine, not realizing that she would soon be a mother in medicine too! She also blogs at myrecoveryroom.com.

DoctorMommy is a psychiatry resident.  She is very happily married to Hubby, aka DoctorDaddy, also a resident, and is the mother to a sweet and loving baby Doll, who made her grand entrance in the summer of 2013.  DoctorMommy likes to read, write, and google useless things throughout the day.  Her short-term goals include reading more psychiatry and less on google, exercising, eating more vegetables and less chocolate, starting to write a novel, and being the best mother/wife/doctor she can be.  

Fizzy is a PM&R attending with two small daughters and a non-medical spouse.  Her hobbies include reading, baking cookies with said daughters, blogging at A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor, and repeatedly explaining to people what PM&R is.

Genmedmom is a primary care physician and a mom to two little kids, jobs that demand great attention, and bring rich experiences. She trained in Med/peds, but practices internal medicine, four days a week, in a very supportive and flexible academic practice. She and her husband and have a beautiful preschool-aged boy, recently diagnosed with autism, and a toddler girl. Her husband travels quite a bit for his work, but is a full partner, an endless source of emotional and logistical support. Her own mother, "Nana", cares for the kids. Genmedmom feels very lucky. She blogs to share the wonder and effort of being responsible for other people’s well-being at www.generallymedicine.com.

Gizabeth Shyder is a pathologist in private practice in  Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a single mother with two children - Ce-silly (2003) and Jack (2005). She is a voracious reader, sporadic runner, enthusiastic coffee drinker, and writer at her own blog, Methodical Madness (2008). She enjoys blogging about music, books, family, and the wonderfully morbid world of pathology.

HulaMed is a Family Medicine Resident on the verge of finishing residency and re-entering the land of the living. She has a fantastic partner who works in the computer programming world and a sweet baby boy who was born in late 2014. She spends her free time hula-hooping, listening to flamenco music, and playing the ukelele (badly). HulaMed welcomes discussions about everything, from the mundanities of daily life to the deep and dark recesses of human experience.

Jess has had a love/angst relationship with medicine, and the demands it places on family, but has found her niche now and hopes to settle into a comfortable work/life balance! She is a mother to two beautiful children, Bom, a girl born 2005, and HG, a boy born 2002, and a gaggle of four legged friends. Hubby is non medical, and after watching Jess' inner conflict all these years, has a very real appreciation of what’s involved in being a mother in medicine. Despite wondering why she does this to herself, Jess is in the middle of a postgrad degree in Ethics. This is her first experience blogging.

Katherine Chretien, KC, founded Mothers in Medicine in May 2008, hoping that a community built around telling our stories as physician-mothers could be a vehicle for support not otherwise found online or IRL (in real life.) She is an internist, clinician-educator, mother to three (born in 2005, 2008, 2011), and married to a brilliant public health servant who was her medical school classmate. She loves her job, being a mother, and writing. This site is her labor of love. She is on the Board of Contributors at USA TODAY.

M is a pediatrics resident and mother to daughter E, born at the end of 2011. Her partner, C, is an artist, filmmaker, and college professor as well as an incredible cook and co-parent. In a previous life, she was a poet, editor, and doula and loved to garden, swim, travel, and fantasize about elaborate renovation projects on as-yet-unpurchased homes. Now she steals whatever time she can from the Q1 mama-doctor-in-training call schedule to blog at whatbeginswithm.wordpress.com

Mommabee is a Pediatric Resident in "The South" with a background in public health. She is married to O, a Librarian turned Doctoral Student and is the momma to Lil' Zo (Fall 2011). She enjoys reading, traveling, spending time outdoors, and of course providing excellent patient care.

RH+ is an OB/GYN "somewhere in middle America". She's in private practice with 3 great partners. She has a Superhero husband who is a stay at home dad with their Boy Genius (4 yo). She likes to read, run, and watch Family Feud. This is her first experience blogging.

T is a pediatrician, sometimes called Dr Mommy at home. It is not surprising that her strong sweet daughter and kindhearted son are well read (to) and verbal. Her husband is also a pediatrician but is known to do research when not picking up/dropping off the kids. Although she laughs and cries easily, and enjoys keeping lists about life, this is her first time participating in a blog.

The Red Humor is a medical oncologist and hematologist in clinical practice. She is married to a very patient non-physician husband who allows her vent thunderously about the frustrations of her job without questioning why she does it or why she loves it. She has a daughter (born in 2009) and a son (born in 2012) and blogs about motherhood and her kids at www.theredhumor.com.