About Us

Beckster is a pediatrician who recently finished residency and is pursuing fellowship training in hematology/oncology and palliative care. She met wonderful guy in high school, married him during med school, and had two sons with him during her training (Bean, born during her second year of residency, and Teeny, born during her chief resident year). She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, skiing, knitting, and cuddling with her boys. She published a book of poetry in 2015 and blogs about her experiences inside and outside the hospital at The Growth Curve: ruminations of a pediatrician in training.

is a West Coast girl with a husband, 2 kids and dog, moving over to the Southeast for residency training in Emergency Medicine. She married her (very much non-medicine oriented) husband while applying to med school, and gave birth to Chicken and Monkey 12 weeks before MS1 and in between MS2 and MS3, respectively. She loves cooking and dancing- usually simultaneously- and in her past life (before kids/med school) loved long distance running and yoga, both of which she hopes to start up again to maintain sanity and fitness during residency. She has been following this blog since before applying to med school and is very grateful to be a part of this wonderful, inspiring, and powerful community.

CaliMed is a MS2 and mom to a princess, SK (2011), with another on the way. She met her amazing husband when they were both number crunching on Wall Street. She found MiM in the midst of her quarter-life crisis, in which she realized that although she has a head for finance, her heart belongs to medicine. With loads of self-doubt, a post-bac, the MCAT and an interesting application cycle behind her, she is thrilled to start this challenging new journey and is truly honored to be a part of this community.

Cutter is a Surgical Oncologist focusing on Breast Cancer at “Big Academic Institution” in her hometown. She was formerly an economist before making the plunge into medicine. She is the mom of a beautiful, smart, spunky grade-schooler and married to “Finance guy” (who is really an undercover musician). She also blogs at myrecoveryroom.com.

DoctorMommy is a psychiatry resident.  She is very happily married to Hubby, aka DoctorDaddy, also a resident, and is the mother to a sweet and loving baby Doll, who made her grand entrance in the summer of 2013.  DoctorMommy likes to read, write, and google useless things throughout the day.  Her short-term goals include reading more psychiatry and less on Google, exercising, eating more vegetables and less chocolate, starting to write a novel, and being the best mother/wife/doctor she can be.

Emeducatormom is a first generation physician and former RN. She’s searching for balance between being a single mother of her 3 year old, wonderfully precocious and gregarious son, K, being a go-go-go hustle and bustle ER doc as well as a junior faculty member and molder of medical minds. She’s sorting out how to walk the ever delicate coparenting line with her ex and seeks that perfect formula for personal and professional contentment along with the health and happiness of her munchkin. She lives in with her son and their two cats, Emma and Monkey. She looks forward to her first blogging experience, sharing her journey into and through medicine and motherhood with you.

Fizzy is a PM&R attending with two small daughters and a non-medical spouse.  Her hobbies include reading, baking cookies with said daughters, blogging at A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor, and repeatedly explaining to people what PM&R is.

Frieda B is a General Internist and a clinician educator. Her deep passions include teaching residents (her first set of "kids") and spending time with her two children (who have taught her to appreciate the wonder in everyday things, and the value of a spontaneous dance party on a bad day!). She's newly single after a seven year marriage, and on a journey to her new happy place.

Geri Chang (GC) is a radiologist, specializing in breast imaging, in Los Angeles, California, a mother with one daughter, little C (born 2013) and wife to big C (orthopedic spine surgeon). She started reading Mothers in Medicine her intern year when she unexpectedly became pregnant and is happy to contribute to a blog that has been a source of motivation and inspiration during her years of residency and motherhood. She enjoys traveling, family time and blogging. You can find her own blog for little C at www.doctormorwifealloftheabove.blogspot.com and you can also follow her on instagram at gerichangmd.

Genmedmom is Monique Aurora Tello, a primary care physician and a mom to two little kids, jobs that demand great attention and bring rich experiences. She practices internal medicine four days a week in a very supportive and flexible academic practice in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Her husband is a sports broadcaster and a full partner in parenthood, an endless source of emotional and logistical support. They have a kindergarten-aged boy, diagnosed with autism, and a preschool-aged girl. Her own mother, "Nana," cares for the kids. Genmedmom feels very lucky. She blogs to share the wonder and effort of being responsible for other people’s well-being at www.generallymedicine.com.

Gizabeth Shyder is a pathologist in private practice in  Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a single mother with two children - Ce-silly (2003) and Jack (2005). She is a voracious reader, sporadic runner, enthusiastic coffee drinker, and writer at her own blog, Methodical Madness (2008). She enjoys blogging about music, books, family, and the wonderfully morbid world of pathology.

Katherine Chretien, KC, founded Mothers in Medicine in May 2008, hoping that a community built around telling our stories as physician-mothers could be a vehicle for support not otherwise found online or IRL (in real life.) She is an internist, clinician-educator, mother to three (born in 2005, 2008, 2011), and married to a brilliant public health servant who was her medical school classmate. She loves her job, being a mother, and writing. This site is her labor of love.

Kicks is a PGY-2 in Family Medicine at a midwestern community hospital, thinking about practicing full-spectrum family medicine in either an underserved urban role and/or a more academic setting - someday - but may change her mind depending on the way the wind blows that day. She is married to her high school sweetheart Husband and now they live in the burbs with Dog. They are expecting their first Baby in October :) so she is a glutton for any advice regarding surviving residency with baby or any advice regarding surviving baby at all. She is a long-time fangirl of this blog, when she first realized that babies and medicine might actually be compatible as a fledgling pre-med almost 10 years ago and is excited to start her first blogging experience.

LlamaMama is a non-traditional medical student and lifelong nerd who is currently finishing up medical school. She married her (non-medical) college sweetheart before deciding to apply to medical school, and they welcomed their baby boy at the end of MS3 year. They both have lots of family overseas and love to travel, whether to visit family or explore new places. LM loves to cook and eat delicious food, and in a past life took as many dance and Pilates classes as she could. She is a social introvert, trying to figure out how to prioritize her loved ones while still making time to re-charge alone during medical training. She has been reading this blog for years and is excited to get to contribute to this inspiring community.

M is a pediatrician and mother to daughter E, born at the end of 2011. Her partner, C, is an artist, filmmaker, and college professor as well as an incredible cook and co-parent. In a previous life, she was a poet, editor, and doula and loved to garden, swim, travel, and fantasize about elaborate renovation projects on as-yet-unpurchased homes. Now she steals whatever time she can from the Q1 mama-doctor-in-training call schedule to blog at whatbeginswithm.wordpress.com

Mary Pan (MP) is a family medicine physician and writer with training in global health and narrative medicine. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three young children. She is partial to island beaches, dystopian TV series and Samoas Girl Scout cookies. To keep it balanced, she also frequents the mountains, binge watches historical dramas and jogs in the rain. When not staving off wanderlust, she can be found managing a busy primary care practice or working on her first book. You can find her musings on her website (marypanwriter.com) and in undecipherable scribblings in her Moleskine notebook.

Mom2Boys is a pediatrician who has been practicing for over 15 years so she has seen her share of things over the years. She is married to a non medical person and has two boys (ages 7 and 9). She became a mother through adoption and would love to share the ups and downs of that process with everyone. Her husband also went through a kidney transplant a couple of years ago so she has the unique perspective of having been on the patient’s side of things. This is her first venture into blogging and she is excited to see where it leads.

Mommabee is a Pediatrician, public health advocate, and small business owner in in the DC Metropolitan Area also known as the DMV. She is married to O a college professor and is momma to Zo (2011), Mau Mau (2018), and is expecting  a little girl (2020). She enjoys urban gardening, spending time outdoors, positive things (like podcasts and inspirational books), and of course providing excellent patient care. She blogs about child health, family routines, work life harmony, and practice management at https://www.healthyhomepediatrics.com/blog.

MonkeyJoe is a pediatric hospitalist at a mid-size children's hospital. She loves her job working an erratic (or "flexible", as she prefers to call it) schedule, teaching residents and medical students along the way. She is blessed with 3 amazing children and one on the way, and a loving, supportive, talented husband who is not in medicine but rather works during normal human hours. Hobbies include baking with the kids, reading, exercising, working with power tools when stressed, and trying not to fall asleep on the couch at the end of a long day. MonkeyJoe is excited to join this wonderful blogging community and see where this new adventure takes her!.

Mrs MD PhD is medical student married to her husband, Mr MD PhD, who is finishing residency and moving on to fellowship. They have been together for better or worse, richer or poorer, mostly poorer given unending medical training and large debts. They decided to plunge deeper into their fiscal woes with the birth of TC, toddler child. TC likes playing with building blocks, and dismantling furniture around their house. When not medicining, sciencing or parenting, Mrs MD PhD likes reading, photography, art and writing. Her other sardonic ramblings can be found at https://mrsmdphd.com/

Peachesandgoo is a Med-Peds resident at a large academic medical center, wife of a high school teacher, and mother to a hilarious 10-month old little boy, affectionately nicknamed "Squeaky baby." She is a believer of the practical theology of listening to patients' stories, and of the wisdom of mid-night float poetry. She loves distance running, baking chocolate chip cookies, reading murder mysteries, and having a clean kitchen. She is passionate about teaching, speaking Spanish, palliative care, and foster care, and she and her husband are continuously learning about the world of DCF and the messy and beautiful nature of adoption. Someday she will finish reading more than the first page of all of the review articles she's carrying around in her backpack.

Photo51 is a third year medical student at a large academic hospital in a large east coast city. She came to medicine after a career in political communications – and starting a family: a supportive, ever patient, ever loving husband and an infant son, BillyBoy 1, born in 2013. Over the course of medical school, her family has grown to include another son, BillyBoy 2, born in 2015. She is also pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Research and dreaming of a career as a pediatric oncologist. She relies on too many to count to keep the wheels on, including her husband, her mother, the babysitter (who is literally Mary Poppins), and the staff at the kids’ day care center. She looks forward to being a part of this community that has sustained her through medical school.

PracticeBalance is a clinical anesthesiologist at an academic hospital. She is currently expecting her first child at age 41 but has been following Mothers in Medicine for years during her long journey to become a mom. Going through a personal diagnostic odyssey and subsequent neurosurgery during residency training prompted her to start the blog PracticeBalance.com, where she shares experiences and knowledge on stress management and self-care for busy professionals. She also has a passion for physical fitness and movement activities, including weight training, yoga, and rock climbing.

ResidentMommy is a preliminary medicine intern. She took off several years in another career before starting medical school. She is married with an adorable baby boy.

RH+ is an OB/GYN in private practice in the Midwest. She has 2 boys and an awesome SAHD husband. MIM was where she was first bitten by the writing bug but she has since gone on to blog at several sites. She currently writes for the WebMD Women's Health Blog and Grace for Moms. She has also co-authored a book, The Pregnancy Companion. She'd love for you to connect with her on twitter @drheathrupe.

T is a pediatrician, sometimes called Dr Mommy at home. It is not surprising that her strong sweet daughter and kindhearted son are well read (to) and verbal. Her husband is also a pediatrician but is known to do research when not picking up/dropping off the kids. Although she laughs and cries easily, and enjoys keeping lists about life, this is her first time participating in a blog.

TheUnluckyPath is a thirty-something (well, okay……pushing forty) INTJ pathologist with aspirations of becoming a full-time badass whenever she can get her life together. She has a powerful streak of sarcasm coursing through her bone marrow, and she deals with life mostly through humor, cognitive behavioral therapy with a focus on boundary-setting, and powering through to the other side. She has been beaten up (and down and sideways) by life/having-to-adult as of late, and is regaining her joy bit by bit, mostly via having a fresh look at all things through the eyes of her sassy, hilarious, and fierce two-year-old daughter (Punky). She is married to a non-medical musician/SAHD (Diz) who she had an 87% compatibility match with on match.com; he does his best to listen to hospital/office/case-related angst and offer grounding and perspective. He is sometimes successful, always helpful. She misses the pre-bambina extra time for her old-lady hobbies, mostly of the craft and fiber arts variety. She’s never blogged before, and is already worried about the commitment; she’ll be speaking with her therapist about it shortly……..

Ticketyboo is an internal medicine resident, and a new mom to a wonderful baby boy born this year. Her dear Mr. Ticketyboo is also a resident, and together, they are navigating the challenging maze that is medical residency and parenting. Life revolves around savoring precious family moments, and maximizing efficiency to pull off residency, exam studying, research, and keeping enough TP and diapers stocked. In her "free time", Ticketyboo embraces the indoor cat lifestyle and enjoys cooking, reading, writing what's on her mind, dragging the Ticketyboo family out for long walks when winter is over, and spending time with extended family and friends (i.e. reminding them she exists).

TXgal is an about to be 30 year old, nontraditional, incoming MS1 with two toddlers (born 2014 and 2015) living a nontraditional life with her supportive BD (baby daddy). She has spent the past three years pregnant, or breastfeeding while completing her pre-med classes, and MCAT. After years of uncertainty, she is happy to start medical school knowing there is nothing else she can see herself doing, (well maybe a photographer for NatGeo, but that’ll come later). She is forever discovering how she identifies as a mom, individual, almost 30 year old, soon to be medical student, and looks forward to blogging about the joys, struggle, stress, and victories of finding this balance. She also has a gagillion hobbies, and likes that include: gardening, yoga, reading, coffee, rock climbing, running, traveling abroad, hiking, visiting National Parks, photography, healthy eating, Latin dancing, planning her life, re-planning her life after plans fail, family vacations, studying, and watching NatGeo with toddlers, cheering for the prey when they get away.

ZebraARNP is an oncology ICU ARNP with three children- school aged twins (girl, boy) and a preschooler (girl). That brief sentence vastly oversimplifies the amount of joy/pain/money/insanity/Band-Aids/love/maniacal laughter it requires to raise three human beings; it’s a doozy sometimes. Anyway, this is ZebraARNP's first public/non-academic/not Facebook writing experience, or writing that isn’t a daily progress note of a critically ill oncology patient. Dinner time conversation in my busy suburban home may or may not include how to do CPR, whether people who survive codes are zombies, palliative care conferences, cdiff vs VRE, who did well on his/her math test (or who did not), who will go grocery shopping next, what MRSA is, what exactly IS pus made of, what actually happens when you die, arguing over who gets the last muffin/cookie/etc, reviewing hematopoiesis, and questioning whether kid # 1, 2, or 3 really did wash their hands after using the bathroom. When ZebraARNP isn’t at work or with kids, she enjoys gardening, chicken keeping, reading books (or the NY Times), and wasting time on her iPhone (oh the Amazon app…)…and not being at work or with the kids.