Friday, April 24, 2020

What's Going on With You in the Pandemic

I've been blogging for about 2 weeks now. You can follow that at my blog - www.

I'll continue to blog here. More tomorrow.

I've learned a lot from my close Dr. friends in LR about how different specialties are handling this crisis. I want to know more.

Please revive this blog and talk to me. This is a dear space to me. All you beautiful ladies must need an outlet, as I do, in these crazy times.

If you need to reach me, I'm at my personal e-mail - It's only accessible to me.

Wax eloquent. Much love. E


  1. What's going on with me? Too much and not enough at the same time. I do home visits full-time and we've been almost 100% telemed for six weeks, now transitioning back to about half and half since we have more PPE. Other than that I only leave my house to go for walks in the neighborhood - my husband does all the grocery shopping (with masks and gloves) and we get a lot of stuff from local farms by curbside pickup. My daughter (20, college sophomore) is handling this with grace, which impresses me, and I am devoutly hoping she can move into her off-campus apartment in August as planned even if school is still online. She needs to be on her own. And life keeps happening in general, doesn't it?

    1. We tried to work from home but we couldn't get the computer interface to work. Maybe we can figure it out before the next pandemic with all the changes in Epic and now we have Google mail. Great to hear from you Jay.

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  3. I'm so glad to see your "face" on the internet again! I'm in a weird position of not having worked clinically since before all this mess started. I wrote about my conflicting feelings on this ( in addition to other pandemic-related thoughts on my blog.

    And as I wrote on MiM last week, I'm still trying to figure out how to be a good parent to my 4 yo. As for work as an anesthesiologist, well, it relies heavily on elective cases. So the fact that I was purposefully on a leave from my job was nice in a way. I already planned to have downtime right now. Others... not so much. This is going to change pretty soon as elective cases start ramping back up. Then we'll all be ridiculously busy!

    I'm going to go binge-read all your new blog posts now. :-)

  4. Great! I've been reading all your blogs your life sounds amazing you are so brave. My friend Alyssa said the ones around the weekend were a little angsty so be wary of that. Your daughter is freaking gorgeous.


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