Thursday, February 1, 2018

The MiM Book is out!

Available through Springer, Amazon, and Google Play

We are thrilled to announce that our MiM book "Mothers in Medicine: Career, Practice and Life Lessons Learned" is out! Written in the same conversational style of the blog, our authors address issues such as having children during training, practice considerations for the mother in medicine, negotiation skills, work-life integration, and challenges including divorce, financial hardship, and infertility, and more. We capture some of the wisdom "gold" mined from the blog over the past 9 years. We hope this can serve as a valuable guide for women at all stages of their career: from the premedical student wondering if she should go to medical school, to the practicing physician looking for support in balancing their multiple roles.

Chapter authors include MiM contributors T, Cutter, Genmedmom, Fizzy, Jay, m, Gizabeth, PracticeBalance, Emeducatormom, and Beckster. We also were fortunate to have authors with expertise in their areas write other chapters (e.g. an amazing student affairs dean writing with one of her former students, a thoughtful internist who chose to leave her job, private practice partners who learned to negotiate the hard way). Physician writer mom Danielle Ofri writes a lovely Foreword.

Sprinkled throughout the chapters, we feature blog excerpts and comments - some of you faithful readers and commenters might find your comment included! You all helped make this book a reality. Thanks, as always, for being part of our community.

Happy reading!

*Springer, our publisher, has offered a 30% discount through a discount flyer that you can access through the tab "The Book" above. (They don't do discount codes apparently.) The discount is good through June 1, 2018. 


  1. KC what an amazing job you have done in making this book a reality! Thank you again!

  2. I read in entirety last week. It is so good I'm proud to be a part of it! Great job KC. The doc mom's at my doc mom book club all passed it around and said it should be required reading for those in training, there was such good advice. Also would make a great gift for any girl who thinks she might want to be a physician to get a glimpse into that world.

  3. Love to read the array of voices in this book! Thanks KC for getting this labor of love going with your superb story telling, and for your friendship.

    1. (And, my kids wanted to read my chapter. In doing so my daughter said she learned a LOT, more about me than she ever knew.... so maybe there will be a post upcoming on the which spicy details were learned)


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