Sunday, June 25, 2017

Moving with Boxes: The Milk Update

My Monkey (3) wants to go home. One night this week, he started crying, sobbing, about milk. He is a bit speech delayed, so it is hard to understand him sometimes, but while we can usually figure it out; this time, we had no clue.
Monkey(5 AM): "Milk with cow! More milk!"
Me: You want another bottle?
Monkey: NO!! Milk with cow!
Me: What?
Monkey: Cow! Milk with the cow!

After 20 minutes of taking everything out of the fridge, his suitcase, and the pantry, I finally realized he was talking about the brand of milk we used to buy. The milk I bought had the wrong logo and all he wanted was a different brand of milk. So, the next day, we went to super specialty fancy store to get the milk he wanted. (Because here, in NEW CITY, they don't stock it in the general local grocery store).

Like the milk, we are slowly figuring things out. We are still in mattresses on the floor, because our truck is somewhere in the middle of America. The old washer that came with the house made rust stains on all our clothing. We ate 5 days of pizza/hot dogs and fast food takeout. But it's been a LOT more fun and a better adventure that I was anticipating.

I know my post last week was super intense. With the whirlwind of the first week in a new home and new city behind me, I can happily say this one will be a lot lighter!

The past week, our life has been a series of lists. To do lists, errands, stuff we need for the house, day camp supplies, etc.

So, here is my update list:

1)  Your village can be online. The minute we got on the plane, my sister, brother-in-law, and other siblings got together virtually to order a whole box of essentials on Amazon Prime Now to be delivered to our new home. That first night, after straggling off of the airplane/Uber journey with 2 very very overactive children and 1 anxious dog, I felt such a surge of relief, joy, and gratitude when I noticed the familiar Amazon logo. We already had a stock of tissues, toilet paper, dog food, dog bowls, Cheerios, hand soap, and Cheerios waiting at our doorstep. It was as if my entire family was there, hugging us, welcoming us and cheering us on. 

2) Make new friends but keep the old. My mom's old childhood friend, who I knew well as a child, but have had little interaction with in the past >20 years, lives in our new city. My mom reached out to her and as she is such a gracious woman, she has been like a second grandma to us the past week- bringing us dinner, allowing us to swim in her pool, and giving me lists of handymen, gardening advice, and other helpful pro-tips about our new town. I miss my mom so intensely, but having someone here is making that void a little less raw.

3) Be open-minded. My husband has a sister in our new city (the one saving grace for my husband). With medical school obligations for most of my marriage, I have not had a chance to really form a super close friendship with her (we see her maybe 1x/year). She has her own family and obligations, and I was tentative about asking too much of her. But she brought us dinner our first night, and has been SO above and beyond helpful, kind, welcoming, and supportive. I am looking forward to getting closer to her and actually forming a proper relationship.

So, even though all 4 of us have all been sharing 2 towels for a week because our truck is MIA and I refuse to buy stuff we already own, I think we can call week 1 a success! Orientation starts tomorrow, so hoping the good times continue!

- Boxes


  1. Good luck with settling in! Glad you have a bit of a village both near and far to help you with the transition.

  2. What a wonderful update! Your family sounds incredible! I am totally a "we are not buying shit we already own" type of person too. Good luck, can't wait to read more!

  3. Lots of change and glad you're finding space within the chaos. (On the towels though, would you feel a bit better about buying a few beach towels? They serve the same function, right?)

  4. Good to hear the update and glad you've got some "people" online and IRL!


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