Thursday, June 22, 2017


Tonight there will be no ransom paid, despite the long list of demands:

wash the dishes
clean the kitchen
wipe down the highchair
finish charting
return emails
analyze research results
research preschools
order Spiderman pj's
check yoga schedule - missed it tonight, maybe tomorrow
pay bills
fold laundry
feel guilty for not doing more

Tonight, the hostage will be released after being locked away too long. Into open arms it will stumble, what was once so comforting feeling foreign, unsure how to proceed. It is time to disregard the ransom, knowing such a sum will never truly be paid: best just to let it go, start anew.

Tonight there will be no ransom. Only the freeing of that long-awaited, so often yearned for, prisoner:



  1. When awake is a prison and sleep is bail - I agree time to let it go. I'd scrap the last bit about feeling guilty for not doing more - instead have a glass of wine to celebrate the badass that you are and all that you do. Make it to yoga next week, if it works. Forgive yourself immediately if it doesn't. Life's too short to live with this yoke (and yet, I do too, and have to tell myself this on a weekly basis).

  2. This really resonates. Thank you!


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