Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MiM Mail: Evidence-based skincare? Maybe?

I had to renew my passport the other day and send in my previous one with my new passport photo. Man, what a difference 10 years makes! It was there, as plain as day, the effects of 2 children, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of residency and fellowship, and way, way too many nights on call. I've never been one to spend a lot of money on skincare, but I now feel like my regimen may need an upgrade.

This coincided with no fewer than 4 of my friends on facebook now selling Rodan and Fields or Beauty Counter products, both with glowing "before and after" pictures. None of these are cheap! And I found myself asking- where is the evidence? Do any of these products really work? I can't escape my medical brain skepticism!

I thought this might be an area where some of our derm MIM might be able to shed some light. Or other MiM who have just done more research on this than I have. Your recommendations are much appreciated!

Yours truly,
Tired eyes and dull complexion


  1. I finally tossed the grocery store products about 5 years ago and do Rodan & Fields - not because I did any research, but bc a derm laser nurse I trust and am friends with was selling it. It seems to work great. I am not the best at keeping up with all the steps, but most days I get at least some of it right. I met with a friend last week who is selling Limelight - a natural, chemical-free vegan based product that was started by a 75 year old company who started doing makeup on Broadway. I learned this over brunch and a bloody mary. They sell make up too - I ordered some of the skin and body care and lipstick stuff to try it out.

    I've always been way too lazy to research evidence-based, sorry! Good luck:). I'm hoping a derm will give a better answer on that note.

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  2. BB cream is a good friend. Doesn't change anything but smooths out. Someone recommended Tarte (lighter shade in winter, darker in summer). Also themomedit sometimes has makeup suggestions.

  3. I'm a fan of the website makeup artist's choice. They offer a number of different chemical peels, in varying intensities. Lots of before/ after photos on the site. Fantastic customer service .. send in a photo and describe what you'd like to focus on ... quick reply with suggestions. Most products are available in a sample size.

  4. If you watch YouTube, check out the channel Hot & Flashy. She is not an MD but she does a lot of her own N=1 experiments and shows the results. There is a lot of makeup on there, but she also does skincare.

    I have asked derm friends this question before, and the answer is always sunscreen, vitamin C serum or cream, and retinoid.

  5. I'm very skeptical of RF. EVERYONE seems to be hawking it. i think it's a multilevel marketing scheme (i.e. pyramid). John Oliver did a segment on these recently. what i've heard from dermatologists is the best way to fight skin aging is using a topical retinoid and sunscreen!


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