Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On the ropes, it's a balancing act

Finding the balance.  Taking a deep breath.

Changes abound at work these days. Just when I was looking to lean out, the circumstances are urging me to lean in.  Just when I was getting into the new groove, there's a newer groove.  I suppose that keeps things exciting. "But still," as my daughter would say. 

Just when I was learning the ropes, the ropes get entangled with new knots and twists.   Such is academia.

Standing on the platform, I look around.  I like being on even footing.  Do you?  Some prefer the climb.   There are many paths ahead, many directions, some much more challenging, steeper, and uncertain.  What to do when an opportunity that is challenging, steep, and uncertain comes calling?   How to reclaim the balance?  Do I lean in, lean out, or lean in to something else?

It is always the loves of my life in my partner and our kids that keep me grounded, renewed and refreshed. Leaning on each other, for just the right amount of support.


  1. Private practice is every bit as precarious but in a different way. I had a situation going on last week where I had to muster more grace and forgiveness than I can recall ever in my lifetime. And it was hard as hell, but it paid off. I don't prefer the physical climb, lol, but I'm up for the mental one.

    My comment is vague, bc your post is vague, and this may not apply to what you are up to, but I read a quote last week that really helped me that I cannot recall verbatim but basically said this: There is much personal freedom to be gained by not being a victim of your circumstances. So so true.

    Trust yourself - you will come up with the right answer for your particular problem. We daily perform at a fraction of what we are able. So if you need to summon extra strength, don't worry, there is much available to you in yourself. And it doesn't hurt to draw strength from your loved ones, as you mentioned.

    1. Ah yes, true in private practice and probably many professions, hence the vague-ness, applicable all around. Plus I think my specific challenges prompt me to go general on the post! Thanks for the support, Gizabeth, and the perfect reminder about trust and strength.

  2. Thanks for this post. I relate to feeling conflicted between leaning in and out, or not knowing whether I really "want" to pursue something. My driven, Type A side wants to take on everything so I try to look at my motivations and look beyond the initial thought of "well, I should do x because it's a great opportunity/will build skills/would help people" etc.

  3. Exactly! What's the true motivation and rationale for the "want"? And does it involving leaning in, leaning out, or leaning in to something else? Thanks for the comment.

  4. Replies
    1. Ha! Ahhhh, Mommabee, time will tell. You have a positive outlook, thanks for sharing it in this comment :-) you have a nice way of looking at it, I'll hold that with me.


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