Monday, September 12, 2016

Are Mothers in Medicine Messier?

Genmedmom here.

I suspect that I'm like most docs, when I say it takes alot to gross me out.

And I wouldn't say that I'm messy, rather, I'm highly tolerant of messiness.

But this week, I wondered if maybe my threshold for disgusting is a little too high. Like, maybe there are some things so yucky, anybody should freak out and drop everything to clean it up.

Like this, for example. Check out the close-ups of the wall, soap dispenser and faucet handle:

This is our downstairs bathroom. Last weekend, the kids and I baked and frosted sugar cookies.  And, they also ate melty chocolate bars.

Both kids dutifully washed their  hands in the bathroom sink, which was left grungy with thick purple frosting and chocolate smears that then dried out.

What strikes me is that I used this bathroom every day between then and this past Thursday, and I didn't even notice this nasty crusting. It was right there, on the stupid faucet handle, that I touched, and it didn't even register with me. (Or my husband, for that matter.)

Yes, we are in survival mode most of the work week. Yes, we both have busy careers, and school just started, and our pets are demanding, and no one has a reasonable sleep schedule. But still. Honestly. This is revolting.

Is there anyone else out there who could have this palpable food residue all over their frequently used bathroom and not only not clean it, but also not even notice it for four whole days?

And, to top it off, when I saw this on Thursday, really saw it, I was literally rushing to pee before I had to run out the door to get in the car to pick up my kids from school. It was my day off from clinic, the mess finally registered with me, but I didn't even have time for a rudimentary scrub-down.

Thank goodness our cleaning people come Friday mornings...


  1. LOL! I'm pretty OCD about cleaning, but I will bypass some things for the cleaning guy - like the three dead roaches downstairs I've been walking by for almost a week! I see them, but don't want to pick them up. I definitely notice the grunge and clutter but am more tolerant of it as I age. It doesn't have to be handled right away.

    1. Ha roaches! I'm glad to hear you can leave these for the cleaning folks, sounds like something I'd do.

  2. Consider it a gift. :-)


  3. dusty floors and dishes always rub me the wrong way. I cannot stand a dirty bathroom and with 2 men in the house I'm always spraying down or wiping the toilet :-( Next year we will invest in a cleaning person.

    1. Why next year? Best thing we ever did was to hire a cleaning service. We could only afford twice a month at first, now they come weekly. I LOVE THEM.

  4. #momlife #momtriage

    You're good 👍

  5. Things are just as bad at my place . Glad I'm not alone

  6. I am highly tolerant of messes too, by necessity. It comes down to making choices... Are you going to spend the very little time you have, the precious irreplaceable time, with your kids baking or making sure everything is neat. My five and three year old girls remember the projects we have done. They have yet to tell me-"mommy you were so good to wipe the handle after I messed it all up with paint". I am sure if it had been poop ( hey, I have two toddlers and my vocubulary has degenerated ) you would have cleaned it up.
    I think you have your priorities straight. Be proud of yourself. I am sure your kids are crazy about you.
    Yes, the cleaning people are definitely life savers.
    Mommy Hospitalist

    1. I agree- fun kid projects are always messy, but we will always remember the fun, and not the mess.


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