Sunday, November 1, 2015

Call for Topic Week submissions: Thankful

MiM is having our next topic week November 16-20. Topic weeks are weeks where we feature posts by both regular contributors and readers all centering on one common topic or theme. We have had topic weeks on "A Day in the Life," "Work-life balance," and "How medicine has changed me," among many others (check our sidebar labels). This next topic week is "Thankful." 

Please join us by submitting a guest post on anything related to the topic.  Some ideas include: What are you most thankful for? How do you cultivate gratitude in your children? How do you stay thankful? What role does being thankful have in your life?

To be included, please send your post by November 15 to Please include a one-line bio that includes your level of training and specialty.  Feel free to write anonymously. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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