Monday, August 17, 2015

MiM Mail: PCP to PM&R?

I am an older mom to a one and only, fabulous, wonderful little boy. I had a career in human services before medical school. I completed my internal med residency. I have worked as a PCP for about a year and, frankly, it's awful! I like my patients. I chose to work in an underserved area with a lot of folks who are newcomers to the United States and I really like this part of the work. I feel like all I do is tap on the computer instead of really dealing with the human being in the room with me.

I had never heard of PM&R in med school. The more I hear about it and read about it, the more I feel like it might be a good match for someone like me. (You know, someone who likes to talk to patients, take a history, do an actual physical exam, maybe have time to do a procedure....)

Does anyone have any suggestions about residency training? It doesn't sound like the PM+R residency would be that much worse than the schedule of an attending PCP. I am able to sacrifice salary due to a very type A doctor dad in the picture. (In that way, I am very, very lucky.)



  1. Hello, I am still in med school (MS3) but I just want to share a tip that my mentor said to me... Being a PCP attending has nothing to do with the residency, you can do whatever you want with your practice, but training is not necessarily representative of it...

  2. I too am still in med school, 4th year here. As I'm sure you know, pm&r is a pretty broad field from TBI/SCI to sports medicine. Not sure which part of it you like, but from FM or IM you could still do a sports medicine fellowship and then change your practice to something that would more resemble pm&r without going through an entire residency again.

  3. Hi there,
    I practice PMR at an academic institution and am happy to answer your questions about training. The field is very rewarding and overall supportive of women.

    1. Could you contact me if you see this? My email is


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