Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just like mom

My daughter Mel has one of those annoying friends at school who always has a bunch of things to say to me when I pick up my daughter. Before I met this girl, I thought annoying friends like Skippy, Kimmy, and Boner weren't real and just added in for extra laughs during 80s sitcoms (for bonus points, match the annoying friend to the 80 sitcom).

The other day, when I was picking Mel up, her annoying friend came up to me and said, "I fell down and scraped my leg today!"

"Oh, too bad," I said, trying to act like I actually cared about the fact that this random child had fallen and scraped her leg.

The friend smiled. "But Mel said that since her mom was a doctor, she knew exactly what to do to help me. So she did!"

My heart swelled with pride. There's nothing that makes you feel better about yourself than when your daughter wants to be like you. "So what did she do?" I asked.

"She brought me to the teacher," she said.


Well, it's the sentiment that counts.


  1. Family ties, full house, growing pains. There are a LOT of those kinds of kids in my son's daycare. Every time I go pick him up they crowd around to tell me random stuff. Hopefully they will grow out of it? Its annoying. I hardly feel I have enough time to talk to my kid (who's quietly eating his snack)

  2. Well, given that your daughter probably didn't have the training or equipment to examine the wound, wash it out, and put on a bandage, she did the exact right thing. Also, I love it when my kids' classmates talk to me. I find them infinitely interesting and adorable. But that might explain why I'm a pediatrician.


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