Friday, May 1, 2015

Thank you MiM

MiM seems to call me at the strangest of times.  And everytime I go to it, a post that 'talks to me' awaits!  I've learnt many things from MiM, but the thing that stands out the most is the sense of community.  Sharing my stories and hearing others, I'm struck by how similar many challenges we face are.  Across continents and specialties, ages and stages, whether we are single, divorced, widowed, mothers of one, two, three or more, there is always a single thread that binds us all.  Sometimes it's a spider thread.  As the voices start answering (no, I'm not crazy, I mean the responses) that thread turns into a rope, and then a cable.  A skip comes back into my step, some hope into my heart and I throw myself back into the fray, strengthened and centred.

Thank you MiM.  I think you're wonderful!

What have been your lightbulb moments, things learnt, precious memories of MiM?

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  1. Thanks, Jess. So glad that MiM has helped you in some way. Many years ago (5? Could it be that long?) we did a Topic Day/Week on sharing our favorite posts from MiM, both from what we had authored and what others authored.

    It's under the label "favorite posts," also here:

    Fun to reminisce. We should do that one again sometime soon and write about our new favorites. Or maybe I can pull the most popular posts (by views) of all time, just for fun? I suspect many MiM Mails in that list!


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