Friday, May 1, 2015

Call for new contributors

Update 05.04.15: Thanks so much for those of you who responded to this call. We are going to have an amazing cohort of MiMs joining us over the next year, from all stages of training and representing some new specialties we haven't had in recent times. For everyone else, we always welcome your guest posts and MiM Mail. Next open call: May 2016. Thanks for reading!

It's hard to believe, but Mothers in Medicine is celebrating its 7th birthday this month. We recently passed our 3 millionth pageview. Some of our contributors have written here since the beginning, and others we have welcomed along the way. Your guest posts and MiM Mail and all of the posts (over 1200 to date)  have made this a community where we can reflect, share, support, and grow.

In honor of May, the home of Mother's Day and MiM's birthday, we wanted to try something new to add to the voices that have been on this site: an annual, open call for new contributors to join as writers for a (renewable) one year term. The only requirement is the willingness to share a part of your journey as a mother in medicine with this community over the next year. No blogging experience necessary.

If you are interested, please send a note to with why you would like to write for MiM and a little bit about yourself. We would love to welcome some new MiMs to the roster!

Thanks for reading!

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