Thursday, April 23, 2015

MiM Mail: Part-time residency?

Dear Colleagues and mothers,

I'm a final year IMG who, just like my husband, soon am about to apply for residency. The thing is that I am also a mother, and that's why I'm now writing here. I consider myself ambitious and strive to become a well-educated and good physician one day. However, my role as a mother is also of great importance to me and the responsibilities and duties I feel towards my daughter is something I cannot ignore. I strongly believe that I should not have to choose between career and family, which is why I wonder if anyone has any experience of so called "part-time" residency? Is it possible to get such an agreement anywhere? Where could I find more information about this? Also, would these requests lower my chance to match?

I'm interested in paediatrics, and with "part-time," I mean about 40-50 work hours per week instead of up to 80. Naturally I understand that such a "reduced schedule" also means a longer residency and lower salary, which I do not consider a problem.

I really appreciate all the help and information I could get!


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  1. My (pediatrics) residency program allows part-time residents, but it's not 40 hours/week and honestly, there's probably no way to safely do that given the large amount of inpatient pediatrics required by the ABP.
    Part-time in residency means one month on, at 80 hours/week, followed by one month off.


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