Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guest post: Oral boards anxiety

Tonight I ran a Google search "thoughts about the oral OB-GYN boards" and your site came up. I read all your comments in the hope I will find some relief of my anxiety. I did not.

You see, I passed my oral OB-GYN boards 6 years ago. I can't remember being this petrified prior to taking them and I felt ok after the examination has ended. Now, it's time for round two: my oral subspecialty Boards. I can't figure out why, but this time around I am mortified. Everything about it, the clinical part - am I thinking like a subspecialist? am I dissecting this disorder process in 10 different way for analysis? The research part (the scariest of all) - am I going to survive the probing questions regarding the study design and power, the statistical significance of my results, is my data "worthy" and my results "meaningful" to their scientific expectations? An then, the genetics - will I remember what findings fit the puzzle of what disorder, how well am I counseling my patients? I wish I could find my answers before I walk into that room to go through it all for yet again, the second longest three hours of my life.

I hope I will survive them next week and not have to repeat this ever. Although I am as prepared for it as much as I will ever be, I still feel "On a wing and a prayer."

Speaking about a prayer, I think I could use one in just a few short days.

A little bio about me:
IronGirl practices Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Midtown America, mother of two beautiful children Jek 13, and Lui 10, wife to Mr. Bold, non-MD guy that likes to play with fire and ice for a living, awesome hubby, caring partner, and multitasked oriented sports-dad.

IronGirl likes to spend her free time (is there any time that's free, hmm...) running, biking, swimming, racing, and sometimes just chilling by a bonfire listening to Flamenco music. And now, getting initiated into blogging.

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