Saturday, March 14, 2015

Honoring the Pi

It's the ultimate geeky pseudo-holiday: Pi Day. A once in a century Pi Day, apparently.  When I came back home this morning after taking the boys to Tae Kwon Do, my daughter and my husband were at the computer doing some Pi education. "It's Pi Day," she notified me, "3.14.15."

It just so happened that I had been planning a huge pie bake day today--completely unaware of how fitting that was at the time.  Prior to Thanksgiving 2014, I had made only one pie in my life, maybe 10 years ago. It had turned out so poorly and so un-pie-like (mainly the crust; the crust was a disaster, harkening my former disgraceful days in organic chemistry lab) that I proceeded to avoid making pies at all costs.

Fast forward to today, I have made at least 10 pies since Thanksgiving. I am hooked. My brother and sister-in-law even gave me a pie recipe book (it rocks) for Christmas, and I'm making my way through the recipes. I even enjoy making the crust.

All butter crust- no turning back

Today, we are headed to friends' house for dinner, and I made my first banana cream pie.

Making pastry cream is no joke labor/time-wise though

Coconut cream is up next. And can't wait for fresh berries in the summer, apples in the fall.

As we get older, it sometimes feels like we did all the learning and mastery when we were younger. Residency and intense training are long over for me.  So, it feels good to master something new. Empowerment.

Plus, there's something so satisfying about making food for those I love.  But pie. That's even a little sweeter.

Happy Pi Day! May your day be filled with pie. Or math. Or just love.


  1. Pie is so underrated! Good for you. Butter crust too. You go girl.

    1. Thanks, genmedmom! My daughter told me the other day, "Mommy, I love your pies." Dinner is usually taken care of by my husband - who has become an amazing cook - so I'm glad to own the dessert segment in our family.

  2. Looks delicious! I've never had a banana cream pie - is it like Southern banana pudding? I think having hobbies that challenge us in different ways are so important. Hope I'll be invited for taste-testing some time in the future.

    1. You've never had it?? This needs to be corrected! It's much creamier than banana pudding. Would love to host a pie baking party over here for local MiMs. It's therapeutic for me. Family much enjoys this new hobby.


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