Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Balancing parts of me

It's time to buy a new car.  Would seem a straightforward decision, but true to my planning nature, I'm trying to fulfil a number of requirements.  My eldest, HG, will apply for his learners permit in 4 more years, which falls within the lifetime of this car.  Although I want to buy a military tank in which to encase him, I realise this is not terribly practical.  So I set about looking for a safe car, the safest car if I'm honest, and find that the European (read expensive) cars have unquestionably more safety features than the locally built models.  But it comes with a big price tag, and whilst I wish to keep him safe, I also don't want him driving around in a luxury car that smacks of entitlement.  To be honest, such a car is not really me either.  I'm not sure if this fixation on ultimate safety is borne out of my work in seeing people smashed up by car accidents, and having a real appreciation for the value of life, or whether it's just me.

Of course, such dilemmas started with his birth - the safest cot, safest pram etc so this dissonance is nothing new.  A car is a much bigger investment than a pram though.  So, do I go with my cautious MiM nature and buy the European car with all the latest safety features, in case he's ever in an accident?  Or something more moderate - good enough in the safety stakes - and more in keeping with my non-flashy nature and what I'm trying to teach him about life?  Has being a MiM ever swayed your buying/life decisions?


  1. Wow I'm super impressed that you are thinking about this four years out. I'm so not there yet with my nine and eleven year old.

    My ex has always said that his kids will get a Honda Civic in high school. Not sure where that came from, and if we will still go with that, but there's a short answer.

    As far as the broader question of being a MiM swaying life decisions, yes. Big time ATV culture here in the South with hunting (my ex is a deer hunter) and we've been very cautious in this area as ATV's (not to mention guns) are a number one killer. We've both attended pediatric grand rounds on this topic. My son and daughter have both been hunting but lots of rules and restrictions apply with sober adults to enforce them.

    My ex has no ipads at his house and limited computer. I've got ipads but I strictly limit time usage and mandate shut down at 8:00 at night - after home work and activities and dinner this leaves little time. They read to wind down, as I do, and it is creating excellent reading skills.

  2. Too bad we no longer have ancient volvos around--that was the safety but not luxury answer for parents of my generation.

  3. Perhaps checking this website- (from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) would help find an alternative that is not the super luxury safety car but something that is a little less flashy but just as safe?


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