Thursday, August 7, 2014

The things they carried (in their Dora backpacks)

I had been looking forward to the summer, thinking things would get easier once I didn't have to deal with making it to school in time to catch the late bell or nightly homework. I was really wrong.

With both kids in camp, the list of things I have to do prior to getting them out the door is overwhelming:

--pack lunch for both kids
--if needed, diapers or wipes
--put both of them in swimsuits
--clothing over the swimsuit or packed in bags
--swim shoes
--normal shoes
--remember if there's a trip that day, and if so, the cut off time for arrival (anywhere from 8 to 9:30)
--if there's a trip, remember camp T-shirt
--remember to freeze water bottle the night before, then remember to remove from freezer
--if Monday, remember to bring blanket for naptime

Honestly, it's a miracle we get out the door anytime before noon.

Is the summer over yet?

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  1. It took me two hours the other day to decipher the puzzling excel spreadsheet covering all books for 6-12 to find the ones to order C for middle school. Ack, I have a middle schooler! I still have tons of paperwork to fill out before school starts on Wednesday. And pick up her skirts at alteration shop Saturday after call workday. And there are new vaccine laws that just came out C needs a shot we can't get her in until September 2 I've got to call the school and find out if she can go until then. I can't wait until school either. Luckily C is old enough now to keep up with her own stuff. But middle school girls are so mean and hormones are raging so you just trade one set of problems for another.

    What you described sounds crazy. I miss my kids when they are gone with dad and stepmom half the summer but I also get a big time break from morning rush. I'd pick frozens over the above any day - at least I have great path assistants so all I have to do is show up and make the call.


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