Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Being tough while pregnant

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who mentioned that another mutual friend was eight months pregnant and he was impressed that she was still walking around. Of course, I was offended because I was still working when I was in active labor.

But then I realized that maybe that wasn't something I should be proud of.

When I was eight months pregnant with my oldest, I totaled my car in a highway accident. I wasn't seriously injured and only required a night at the hospital. The worst thing that happened was I hit my head and had a concussion and a really bad black eye. I felt like with my pregnant belly, I looked like an abused wife. This was pretty much what I looked like:

My chief resident called me and told me he thought maybe I should start my maternity leave early. I didn't. Instead I went back to work only two days later.

When I went back, I was convinced that everyone was angry at me because I missed a call due to my accident. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure everyone felt really sorry for me.

Was it dumb to push myself that way? Possibly. I got through it and made it until my delivery day. And then I got the benefit of my six weeks of maternity leave with the baby instead of home alone.

Your turn. What's the dumbest tough guy move you made as a pregnant lady?


  1. I worked right up until delivery day, not taking it easy at all. I finished my full OR day and then walked right over to Labor and Delivery to be induced for my gestational hypertension (which I still wonder was caused by working as much and as hard as I did.)

  2. I worked right up until the Friday before I was induced for Cecelia the day after her due date (on Monday). It wasn't too bad. Jack was tough. I had nausea in first trimester - I had to leave the sign out room to dry heave in the stairwell. Also bad back problems - while going back and forth across the bridge from UAMS to the VA I would rest on a little bench in the middle and just try to breathe for a minute. No wonder he was six weeks early! My water broke one morning while I was walking on the treadmill. Doubled his weight nursing him so he was over 10 lbs on his "real" due date:). We are so damn tough. Great idea for a post. I previewed the other night I couldn't wait to see so I had time to think about my answer! I think you win this one Fizzy.

  3. did a cystectomy including not drinking or peeing for 8 hours at 38 weeks!

  4. I continued my classes while on modified bed rest. I figured I was going to be sitting down either way.


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