Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Ways Medicine Changed Me

I like lists so let's go for it:

1. I'm more outgoing

Except in certain fields (rads, path), you just can't be as good a doctor if you're not at least somewhat outgoing. I think introverted doctors come off as cold or aloof.

2. Sleeping with a pager wrecked my sleep

I used to be able to sleep through my husband snoring. Now I can't.

3. I'm a much bigger hypochondriac

I really wish I didn't know the worst possible case scenario for every illness.

4. I'm more humble

Because I know that there's no way I can know it all.

5. I've gone from being incredibly squeamish to feeling like there's nothing so bloody or disgusting that I have to look away

Well, except maybe in the movies.


  1. As a pathologist in training I would like to comment on number one. Of all people fellow doctors should not be perpetuating the stereotype that pathologists are just failed "real doctors" who "couldn't talk to patients". Everyday I interact with colleagues, clinicians, fellow residents, PA's, surgeons, administrators, secretaries etc... If I was cold, aloof, or otherwise not outgoing I would not be a successful pathologist and would be doing a disservice to the patients I ultimately care for. Please remember that doctor patient interactions are not the only time compassion, communication, and interpersonal skills are needed in medicine.

    1. Wow, I certainly never said anything even remotely along the lines of pathologists are "failed 'real doctors' who 'couldn't talk to patients'."

      People skills help in a lot of jobs and I'm sure path is one of them. But if you're a clinician meeting 10-15 new patients each day, many of whom are ill and in distress, having good people skills is pretty much essential.


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