Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A fun question

I was just having this conversation with some work colleagues so I thought you might want to throw in your answers:

What were your children's first words?

My two kids' were:

"Bye bye"

And, more heart-achingly, "Mama."


  1. "Hi", which was also my first word, and for DC2 "bib brudder" (aka big brother, followed by keeyyyy, aka kitty, while chasing the poor cat around the house). We suspect #2 will be an extravert.

  2. "Dog", which made sense. She was on the floor most of the time with two large dogs in her general vicinity. At 13 she still loves dogs, especially ours. Her first sentence was "Daddy has cookies!". She still loves cookies, too.

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  4. First words: dada, mama, no. Now his favorite sentence is "you pick it up" (about anything and everything he drops on the floor)

  5. First word: ball. First sentence: "No! Me do it!"


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