Hello All,
I am an MS4 with seven months left til graduation, and more importantly perhaps 25 days left before I hit the send button on ERAS.  I have a serious problem.
I am in love with OB. Absolutely in love.  I like Peds, but I love Neonatology.  Who says you can be in love with two different niches? 
The problem as I see it is three fold.  1)  I am in my late thirties with a nine year old child that has some emotional issues, and a husband who is not really a husband (ie, he cheated...habitually, horrible husband, great father to our son and we have agreed to co-parent peacefully up until this point.  With such a predicament, I am wary of embarking the OB path with the fear that I will not be as available to my son as he is going to need me to be, that I will miss out on his growing up in lieu of delivering the loves of other peoples lives.
2.) I keep hearing how miserable OB/GYNs are, how they don't make any money, and how they all stop doing OB and are doing GYN now for lifestyle purposes (but OB is the part I really like!).  Not to mention I constantly hear OB residents are straight biotches (present company excluded Im sure).  I have a bit of it when pushed, but I don't want to be miserable all my life!
3.) I did not care for office pediatrics, but I did enjoy my neonatology clerkship with relish!  And I felt it was truly more thrilling to be handed a brand new baby and tend to it than to pull one out and walk away.  And to add to that, Ive never heard nor seen a miserable pediatrician....a tired one, a broke one, but never a miserable one.
How do I make the right choice?  How do I do this without being an absentee mom?
Any advice would be quite helpful. 
The clock is ticking.....
The Phoenix