Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Holey Life

I desperately need to go shopping.

I am a physician, a professional, a role model, etc. Yet this is what the sole of my shoe looks like:

This is my underwear:

The cuff of my pants:

My socks:

(In my defense, those socks are only about a year old. I think our dryer eats clothing.)

And just in case you had any doubts in your mind that I am about as far from perfect as you can get, here's a photo of my child on a leash:

No, you can't pet her. But thanks for asking.


  1. Fizzy! No!!! Do you have any friends or family who love to shop and whose style you admire? I go with awesome fabulous brother/ mother at least once every 6 months and they make me try on fabulous things I otherwise wouldn't purchase to update my warddrobe. From the above pictures: let everything go (except for your child and the leash-bookbag, lol) and replace them with fabulous things. Side note: Levis has some awesome jeans that aren't low cut but fit really nice. Modern "Mom jeans". I just bought some and my husband thinks they are sexy.

    1. I thought I'd surely get some flack for the leash ;)

      I have no fabulous friends willing to shop with me right now. Actually, that never works out well because I always buy stuff that isn't "me" and never wear it.

  2. Wow! this is totally my life!! My baby sister bought me a winter coat last year because she was sick of me loosing items through the holes in the pockets!!!

  3. I think I remember a post from a while back where you showed a picture of your closet. It was so bare that there cannot have been more than the items you have in these pictures with holes in them. The glimpse into your underwear and sock drawer is new. If you post underwear pics in the future, they had better be sexy, and I mean that in a very friendly way. You need to go shopping Fizzy. I remember when I was in the throes of baby and toddlerhood I hit Ann Taylor Loft once a year for a two hour whirlwind, spent less than $500, and managed to look decent. You can do it.

    The leash is smart. I ended up with kids on my hip and back way too long cause I got so freaked out in public places. My back is still suffering from that.

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  5. Macy's has a free personal shopper. Call up, tell them your size and what you are looking for and your style. They will have stuff picked out for you to try on. No rummaging. This kept me from attending several events in residency in rags.

  6. Everyone's telling Fizzy to shop, but I say, 1. Bring on the imperfection, and 2. This is earth-friendly, wearing things until they actually wear out, and 3. She's showing us one sock. For all you know, all her other socks could be hole-free.

    Mind you, I still have a few T-shirts from when I was 12. So you probably want to ignore me, but actually, I have a fabulous wardrobe. I just have trouble throwing things away. Imperfection, you see.

  7. Do not even beat yourself up for the "special backpack". Pre-child, I always used to give a side-eye to parents whose children were on leashes but guess what? I now have a 16-month old runner. Karma.



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