Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cutter's extra random top 10 list of imperfection!

1. I've allowed my daughter to watch 4 hours of consecutive Dora while I half sleep on the couch post call (unfortunately this one has happened more than once!)

2. The tired mama: In the middle of telling my daughter a princess story to help her go to sleep I heard myself say "prepped and draped in the standard sterile fashion" to which my baby girl responded with "WAKE UP!  More PRINCESS MOMMIE!!!!"

3. A happy meal 

4. Letting baby girl sit in a dirty diaper for about 30 minutes to long because I was just TOO worn out to change it

5. I understand mom jeans now - how else do you rein in all that belly!

6. I can't do it all, which means I struggle to read enough and I'm sometimes late to work - especially when I go to kiss my baby on the way out the door and discover that she has collected a mountain of poop right by her head!

7. Occasionally I wear swim suit bottoms to work as underwear.

8. I'm really bad at dictating in a timely fashion once I get behind.

9. I owe lots of library fines.

10.  My hair looks terrible nearly all the time!


  1. Hilarious.
    1. We let my 4 y.o. son spend 6 h straight on the computer after our daughter was born. That was when I decided he was better off in school full-time instead of using the computer as a baby-sitter.
    2. LOVE this.

    I could go on, but just...yeah!
    You're a surgeon. That rocks so hard. One day, your hair may look amazeballs, but I'd rather hang out with your cancer-vanquishing self any day than some annoying Barbie with perfect hair.

    BTW, I am digging the Imperfection week all around. Thanks, MiM!

  2. As another mother in a surgical specialty, it does get better! I had my son during residency and, while totally worth it, it is SO HARD! But, you rock, you can do this and life does get better!

  3. Re #2 -- I laughed out loud when I read this. Your daughter is awesome. I also admire you. I'm definitely not physically tough enough to withstand the demands of a surgical residency.

  4. Hilarious! Swim suit bottoms as underwear is PRICELESS.

    You are Wonder Woman. Keep plugging, it gets so much easier when they get older, and when residency is over (granted yours is ten times harder than mine was!).

  5. This made me laugh. I do some of what you do, and I have no excuse being a part time anesthesiologist. You are so awesome. Please keep sharing your stories!

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement!!!!

  7. May I just say that you still do a much better job than many, many non-medical moms out there!

  8. LOL. Thanks for sharing Cutter! I am a cutter wife as in the hubs is a surgical resident. I have done most of the above except the swimsuit panties. I have been guilty of wearing same undies for far too long though. There must be something about surgery that just drains the life out of both partners. Rock on being a mommy and surgeon. That is fantastic.

  9. Hahaha!!! I'm not the only one then...:)


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