Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And many more

In honor of Mother's Day, I was interviewed for Radio Rounds about Mothers in Medicine - why it was started, how it's grown, and whether I thought mothers in medicine could "have it all." (An enthusiastic Yes.)

Mothers in Medicine will turn five this month - 5 years of stories from amazing women who I am honored to write with and share this space. Some have been writing here from Day 1; others have joined in along the way. All have shared openly, these thoughts and feelings that could easily be kept private, for the benefit of this community. The blog's growth has been staggering.

This blog is still my favorite "extracurricular." I list it on my CV under "Service to the Community" because I think that's what it is: service. It's community. A labor of love. And definitely, not a business (note: we do not, nor will we ever have ads. Advertisers, please stop emailing.).

So, MiM writers, thanks for writing. You are all fantastic, and I still hope for the day that we'll hold a MiM conference somewhere tropical. I'm buying you all drinks. MiM readers, thanks for reading and commenting and liking and sharing. You're why we are all here.

To 5 years and to many more.


  1. Thank YOU KC, and everyone who makes this blog possible. It is a service that you are doing. Not to mention my favorite blog to read, truly inspirational!

  2. Yes KC thank you for making this possible!!! I can't wait for the MiM Blog Conference either!!! I'll have a sangria :-)

  3. I feel so happy to be a part of this community! Thank you for welcoming me and bringing this amazing community together!!!!

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  5. Very thankful that when I was a scared, first-year medical student with a perish-the-thought, PLANNED first pregnancy - I had a community of woman to look up to and know I could do this like they did. This site was monumentally encouraging when I needed it, and I am proud to be a Mothers in Medicine community member. KC - THANK YOU. A hundred times over. I am now an incoming intern to a program I love, and I am very thankful something like this exists. I'll need it in residency too.

  6. Thank you KC, for developing this ever-expanding community of women supporting women - it gives so much on all sides - writers, readers, and commenters. And thank you too for embracing the individuality of the writers here and giving us freedom to talk about whatever comes to mind, the good and the bad.

    Happy Anniversary MiM! Here's to many more. I'll have a glass of red wine:). Hopefully we can hit that tropical paradise before our children are in college, ha ha. Mine are halfway there, if you average them.

  7. Thanks for creating and including me in this extra-curricular community. Outstanding radio rounds interview, by the way. You have a future (correction, a presence, presently) in broadcast journalism. Happy mother's day everyday.


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