Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A post for those in the trenches with us...

This post is for my husband and my beautiful daughter.

To my daughter:

Thank you for running and screaming "MOM-MIEEEEE" with complete happiness and joy each time I make it in time to pick you up from daycare.  Thank you for your constant big beautiful smile.  Thank you for thriving despite my many absences and nights on call.   Thank you for telling me "I love you mommy,"" GOOD JOB mommy" (one of her favorites), and "com wit me" with your outstretched little hand.  Thank you for this unconditional love.  Thank you for changing my life and making me whole.

To my husband:

Thank you for coming to meet me as I sob to you through post call tears at the violence I unfortunately sometimes see the results of.  Thank you for coming home for lunch every day I'm post call and bringing me lunch, tucking me in and putting on soft relaxing music.  Thank you for allowing me the complete and utter assurance that my precious baby girl is always remarkably cared for in my absence.  Thank you for going on this journey with me.  Thank you for surviving the many bumps we encounter.  I believe we can make it through.  Thank you for making me whole.


  1. This post totally brought tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful way to thank the important people in your life :-)

  2. Beautiful, Cutter. I have heard and read that taking the time daily to appreciate the important people in your life can vastly improve your own mental health and that of your family. You inspired me to make a list of my own mental thanks today. Appreciation is not just for Thanksgiving.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Our little daughters sound the same. "MAMAAAAAAAAAA!" "'Mon," instead of Come on, and she only says "Good job" once in a while, but she's recently added "How was your day?" and once said to me, "Hi, go-geous." Love it. Thanks, Cutter.


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