Friday, July 13, 2012


The clock is not the enemy.
Fatigue is not the enemy.
The hospital is not the enemy.
Consultants are not the enemy.
The lab is not the enemy.
Utilization review is not the enemy.
Your patient is not the enemy.

DISEASE is the enemy.

Go forward with courage ladies.


  1. Hmm. having issues commenting.

    A good reminder. And part of the reason I went into oncology - I thought it would be a field where I would be battling disease rather than the lifestyle issues that lead to disease. Not sure I feel the exactly the same about it now (patients still have a lot of barriers to taking the best care of themselves and some malignancies are lifestyle-related), but on the whole I do feel "united" with a lot of my patients during their battle. Nothing is black and white.

    But my oh my, UR. They can get to me.

  2. Had a patient yelling at me. Realizing they were scared I was holding my cool by reciting the mantra in my mind.

    Seems like the most difficult patients need us most.

  3. Oh yea, then I called risk management.

    Also the psychologist.


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