Friday, May 4, 2012

Giving it away on Mother's (in Medicine) Day

Bringing family
To medical conference
At Disney World. Dude.

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day (May 13), we are hosting a Dansko scrubs giveaway (yes, the makers of your beloved clogs now makes a line of medical scrubs)!

To enter, write a haiku about how you'll be spending Mother's Day in a comment on our Facebook page. The haiku with the most "likes" wins the scrubs. (Vote for your favorite until 8 am EST on May 13). Any reader (mom or not; in medicine or not) is welcome to haiku-away.

Happy early Mother's Day! Thanks for reading.


  1. I wanted to send my haiku as Cutter instead of on facebook:

    Flying to see mom
    Bringing her grandchild for joy
    Breast cancer just found

  2. Cutter, I was just thinking of writing something silly and then read your touching! Sending the best to your mom.

  3. Shells and sand dollars
    Feet splashing in swirling surf
    Solitude, sunbeams

  4. KC - throwing the word Dude around so does not suit you. Brings quality/enjoyment/niceness of your posts levels down.

  5. Anon,
    You're right. It's actually an illness. Dude-itis. Luckily, it's non-fatal but could cause otherwise serious posts about haiku contests to lose their necessary gravity and quality.

    Hopelessly afflicted,

  6. At my childhood home
    Three generations of moms
    May be the last time

    @Cutter - hope the cancer diagnosis ends up treatable and manageable

    @KC - Dude, it's cool

  7. Princess and the Frog
    Watch twirling ballerinas
    All say: Jump, frog, jump!

  8. Dear KC (who artfully employs many a writing style), here's a modified version of your Haiku that unfortunately Anon will not like any better...

    Bringing family
    To medical conference
    At Disney World. Word.

  9. We are at Disney.
    Did not expect attendings.
    Plan better next time!


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