Friday, May 18, 2012

Career day embarrassment

I am one week and three days from graduation. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

I am incredibly busy, which means I am also paralyzed in the face of all the crap I have to do, and procrastinating on the internet. Hello!

Yesterday I was a presenter for career day at my 7 yr old son’s school. I wore my white coat, wore scrubs, and brought my stethoscope and other tools. I presented in six classrooms (exhausting!), but started off in my own son’s first grade class. I had an apron with sort of anatomically correct removable velcro body parts, which I used to play a matching game with the kids. If a kid guessed which organ I was describing (this organ is a muscle that pumps blood to the body!) then that kid got to put that organ on the volunteer kid who was the “body” wearing the apron. It was especially fun when we got to the kidneys and the large intestine. Poop! Pee! “EWWWWWWWW!”

There were only seven body parts, though, so I brought in my ragtag collection of toy doctor tools. Several people bought toy doctor sets for my kids when I got into medical school, so I had four plastic stethoscopes, a plastic syringe, toy otoscopes, etc. I passed those out to the kids who didn’t get to put on an organ, so they could guess what they were used for, and was one kid short. So, I gave that kid my coffee mug. I made a joke about how that was the most important doctor’s tool, since it helps keep doctors awake, and remarked on how much coffee I drink.

My son rose his hand, and offered, “She drinks beer, too!” I said “And, goooodnight everybody!” and quickly defended myself. “I didn’t drink any this morning! I didn’t have any last night!” and spent the rest of the half hour trying to convince my son’s teacher that I don’t have a drinking problem.


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  1. Leave it to our own kids to throw us loving moms under the bus. Each.and. every.time.! Ha!

  2. Stubble's first communion.
    Leader to all kids: "Now don't make a funny face when you taste the (non-alcoholic)wine" Then they let all the kids have a "practice wafer" dipped so that they would know what to expect.
    Leader: "Pretty yucky, huh?"
    Stubble: "I LIKE it. Mommy likes it too, a lot!"
    Haven't lived that one down yet and he's over 20 now...

  3. Ha! Yes, leave it to our own kids. I will be living this one down for quite a while.


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