Wednesday, February 8, 2012

overheard, son in bathroom, reading my journals

"Mom, you've had that Pediatrics in here a long time," says 5 year old son in the bathroom, seeing my copy of this journal on the step stool aka magazine rack.

"But you know what? I get a new one of those every month in the mail," replies MiM from the kitchen.

"Yeah but this one's been here waaaaaaaaaaay too long," he persists.

Time to get reading? Get the dust off my journals? Move it to my bedside table? Get an iPad/e-reader?


  1. lol! this reminds me of middle school and when i used to read through my mom's medical journals in the bathroom, enchanted by the scientific language and pictures yet not really understanding anything!
    years later, it would become a habit, to the surprise of my own MiM.
    cheers to MiMs who keep old journals!

  2. Laura, that's great, I'm the first MIM in my family, but come to think of it, I read my mon's Chronicle of Higher Ed.

    Enfermo, ha! I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, hence I'm in and out so/too quickly!


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