Saturday, December 31, 2011


I spotted a small URL labeled "Mothers In Medicine" about a year ago, linked from the blogroll of a total stranger (as, let's admit it, most of them are...). I was excited for what can be described as only the most obvious reason - I am a physician and a mother and was looking for an online community comprised of other moms battling midnight pages and midday parent-teacher meetings.

It is difficult, for instance, to describe the emotional contortions required to function professionally in the darkest days of someone's life, then go home and play freeze tag and tea party with your children. As there are physicians who choose not to have children and mothers who choose not to work specifically to avoid having to compromise their ability to perform in the respective role of physician or mother, it could stand to reason that those of us who have decided to undertake medicine and motherhood might be doing so to the detriment of both.

And now having actually put into words my greatest insecurity - that as a doctor trying to be a good mom and a mom trying to be a good doctor I am not doing either very well - I have to say that aside from those occasional days when it seems as though I am actually being lit on fire, for the most part I am proud of my ability to do function in the two, sometimes adversarial, roles. 

Or more honestly put-  I am doing the best I can. I try not to think about it more than that as, by virtue of still being a trainee, there is little I can do to reshuffle my priorities. I tell myself that I am, and I hope you feel the same, one of the lucky ones - I have a career that expands my intellect and a family that expand my heart. 

So it has been a pleasure to follow this blog along and occasionally submit a guest post. We don't have the same specific experiences or opinions (although I have yet to read of anyone complaining about working too little...) , but are able to build a camaraderie around the monumental experiences of medicine and motherhood.

It would be ill-advised of me to try to summarize the state of modern motherhood in medicine, so I will just say, it's really good to be here.

(And please forgive all spelling and/or grammatical errors because, as anyone who as seen anything I write knows, I truly cannot edit.)


  1. These reflect my exact thoughts for the last several weeks. I feel that I'm only half the parent other mothers are and only half the doctor my fellow residents are.

    Thank you for putting so much more eloquently the precise musings I've had lately.

  2. perfectly said! Welcome aboard!!!

  3. Welcome! I look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. I love your posts and look forward to more!

  5. Welcome, Red Humor! I had to laugh because I already thought you were a regular contributor! Looking forward to hearing more....

  6. Welcome, great to have you here permanently! I feel the same way as scrubmama above.


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