Friday, September 2, 2011

The MiM Risk Score (MRS)

In honor of the Labor Day Holiday...

This evidenced-based risk score was developed to help predict overextending of Mothers in Medicine. The goal is to prevent burnout, stress, and associated unpleasant psychological states by monitoring weekly risk, and following guidelines for treatment accordingly.

To calculate risk:

MRS =          age/2 * number of dependents + k [C + Lu + Na]
                             Number of spouses/life partners * + 1


Age = Age of MiM in years

Number of dependents = number of children, care-requiring parents, exceptionally ineffective spouses/life partners, very large and needy household pets. For pregnancy,  multiply total by factor of 1.5.

k= work constant. For full-time work, k=1. For part-time work, k= 1.5 * % of full-time worked (e.g. ½ time = 0.75 since hours worked is always more and uncompensated)

C = number of times you have to call your cell phone to find out where you put it in the past week.

Lu = number of times you are too busy to eat lunch, forget to eat lunch, or accidentally bring a Tupperware with a half ear of corn and half of a large white onion by mistake instead of the lunch you packed the night before. Hypothetically speaking.

Na= number of times you have called your children the wrong name in the past week.

*for polygamists, add only 0.5 for every successive spouse after primary spouse; for work spouses, add 0.25 each; only spouses/life partners currently living with you for the majority of the week count in full.

**** Risk score interpretation ****

MRS > 50 = High risk for overextending. Schedule child-free vacation, delegate projects, get a babysitter for a night out, add another spouse/life partner (or increase efficiency of current one), for the love of God say no to new commitments. Wine.

MRS 41-50 = Moderate-high risk of overextending. Schedule spa date. Say no to new commitments. Delegate projects. Possibly add another spouse/life partner (or increase efficiency of current one). Adjunct retail therapy.

MRS 30-40 = Moderate risk of overextending. Schedule coffee with girlfriend(s). Say no to new commitments. Delegate projects.

MRS < 30 = Low risk of overextending. Good job! Offer help to your MiM friends in higher risk categories.

n.b. Risk score prognostication has not been scientifically validated.


  1. Nice. This algorithm would be significantly improved by making k=hours worked per week/5. This would give more importance to C, Lu, and Na.

    Also the number of spouses/life partners should be weighted for the amount of time per week that that spouse/life partner is NOT at work.

  2. I was going to use my cellphone calculator to calculate this, then realized I couldn't find it and had to call it to find it!

    Very nice.

  3. Love it!! I'm not sure how you want to factor in that I'm entirely too tired to calculate my score.

  4. Higher math and me do not agree on Fridays. Pretty sure I am in need of wine. Hilarious, nonetheless.

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  6. Hilarious! Need an extra conversion factor for 1) working with spouse; and 2) working with father-in-law. Either way, I definitely need more wine and spa days.

  7. Fun! However, you forgot to add in a component of "degree your job nourishes versus drains you." Burnout is not just about hours worked and dependents. You can work only 30 hours a week and still be burned out at your job. Speaking from experience...


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