Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Favorite Patient of the Week

My last patient of the day was in quite a foul mood.

She had just come from the orthopedist office. He had told her that due to her recent roller blading injury she could no longer snow ski.

"He's a bastard," she said "I'll show him, I'll do my physical therapy and be back on the slopes next year!"

She is 76.

She is awesome.

*details changed to protect patient privacy


  1. Beware of motivated old ladies. They'll do nearly anything.

  2. So hard to remember there is a healhy vibrant aging population working in hospital. What as awesome woman. A great reminder. A great aim for aging with pizazz

  3. I think I love her. In a non-creepy way, of course.

  4. That's awesome. I worked with a physician who was practicing medicine and downhill skiing into his eighties. He eventually broke his leg after a wipeout on the slopes, and was hobbling around the hospital somewhat jovially, explaining that he had finally succumbed to his wife's wishes to take up a new sport.

  5. I once had a patient (I forget how old, in her 60s maybe) who took up water skiing as a way to lose weight and now does it regularly! Some of these patients are far more adventurous than I'll ever be!

  6. It is fascinating to see how many people approve this person's rude behavior. What patients choose to do is their decision. It is physician's obligation in this litiginious environment to advise to patient's best interest/safety. This very person will say prophanities about any of her doctors (including the author of the article) if she is not pleased with recommendations. Sr W.Osler warned 2 centuries ago -physicians' should stick together and stop aggresive and rude patient's comments. I do not admire this person's choice to ski when it is coupled with badmouthing her physician. She does not have to "show" anyone anything.

    Whe I moved to this country years ago I was often asked what suprised me the most in US. And well, it was... it is ... how rude people are...

  7. Anonymous,
    the post is , of course, not an exact patient quote. All posts are tweaked to protect patient privacy.

    In the encounter this was based on, the patient was not disrespectful of her other physicians. She was so spunky and full of life that I felt uplifted by just being with her for a few minutes. That's the sentiment I was attempting to convey.


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