Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slowing Down

The kids and I both started our winter breaks around the same time. The first week was full of Christmas prep and holiday fun, but by the Wednesday of the second week I was starting to get that all too familiar urge to climb the walls. It wasn't the kids, they rarely bicker or fight or complain and we were having fun together. It was me...doing nothing. I don't know how to do nothing anymore! Between studying and going to school, volunteering at the hospital and the kids' school, keeping up with the kids' activities and KayTar's medical and therapy appointments, I'm constantly on the go. I realized that I had forgotten how to slow down and simply enjoy a little downtime. So instead of making a New Year's resolution, I made a winter break resolution. After the kids went back to school, I would spend the last two weeks of my break doing nothing. I wouldn't volunteer. I wouldn't prep for my classes. I wouldn't review old material. I decided I would read some books, have lunch dates with friends or my husband, spend some time on my sofa. I would teach myself to enjoy my break, force myself to recharge my batteries while I had the chance.

How did it turn out? Beautifully. It was a bit difficult at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. I had a couple of lunch dates with Josh. I went out with my best friend once or twice. I saw a movie with a friend. But mostly I stayed home, enjoyed the quiet and took the opportunity to read. I read 10 books in two weeks, the most I've read in years. I really enjoyed myself. At the end of break, Josh and I went out of town together, just for a night. He likes to hunt and it was the end of dove season, so we got a hotel room near his lease. I enjoyed the silence of the hotel while he hunted a couple of times, I slept in, we spent some quality time together, went out for dinner and lunch, and got together with some friends who live in the area. It was perfect end to my relaxation challenge. The next time you get a chance for a little downtime, I highly recommend forcing yourself to slow down long enough to enjoy it!


  1. I can empathize! It is so hard for me to slow down, especially these days. My head is in a much better place when I am scheduled.

    Glad you figured it out and enjoyed it!

  2. Sounds just lovely. But 10 books in 2 weeks? Not sure if that counts as "slowing down." How about next time, just one? =)

  3. Glad you scheduled unscheduled time and it sounds wonderful (minus the hunting, but that's me). But only 10 books in 2 weeks :-) Anyway, I'm so glad you could recharge the batteries... and don't forget to do it again regularly, well before next winter break comes around. Thanks for the post.

  4. T: I don't hunt or care for it either, but quiet time in the hotel while he did it was pretty nice! We had plenty of time together, too.

    KC: They were all fluff books, does that make it more leisurely? ;)

  5. Sounds wonderful!! How fantastic that you were able to do this! :)


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