Thursday, December 2, 2010

what's your own "wikileaks" moment?

Have you had anything leak out about you that you hadn't intended? Something your colleagues found out that you had wanted to keep personal. Or something your significant other, kids, family found out about you? Or are you a wikileaker yourself??

One of mine, albeit minor, occurs whenever anyone finds out I was a cheerleader in junior high school. Whoops, there, it's out. Though I am surprised and kind of proud that my feminist mother and egalitarian father "allowed" me to be a cheerleader... cringing as they both must have been until I found tennis. I think about all this anew with my own daughter.

Oh, and future wikileaks on my horizon, when my kids find out I drink a LOT of diet pepsi.


  1. Is it bad to drink diet pepsi?

    I wonder if my mom would have prohibited cheerleading. She was a die hard feminist, but still totally gung ho about ballet, so I'm not sure.

    When I lived in Chicago, I use to hide the fact that I grew up in Manhattan from people, since that fact often elicited unfavorable reactions (think: spoiled rich b*tch). I also tend to hide the horse riding part, the prep school part, and the only child part for the same reasons.

    Nowadays I share a bit more freely. I figure if someone's going to be a jerk to me about where I was born, my childhood athletic endeavors, or my parent's decisions about family size and where to send me to school, they're probably not worth my time anyway.

  2. Oh, how I love Diet Pepsi. I guzzle it. Love the bubbly! Hey, everybody needs a hobby. ;-)

    I think everyone has those little "secrets." It is fun sometimes to see people's reactions when they find out you did something, that in their eyes is SO uncharacteristic of you.

    It always takes people by surprise when I tell them I was horribly shy growing up, and kept to myself all through high school etc.

    For some people, this revelation is a shocker since I am chatty cathy now, and more of an extrovert.

    I think I just became more comfortable in my own skin.

  3. Old MD girl - ah, forgot to say that while not much is wrong with DP (and so tasty) it's that I have made a big point of soda not being good for them (for their teeth, growing bodies, takes place of other nutritious foods/drinks, etc). That's the pediatrician in me.

    Agree with both you and Anon that as we become more comfortable wtih who we are the old "secrets' aren't so bad anymore (after all, they are part of who we are).

  4. Diet Pepsi? Where do you all live, in the North? We drink Diet Coke (well, currently I'm on Coke Zero) down here in the South. It is still a very rare treat for my kiddos - maybe one mini-can a month. I actually managed to get down to one or two a week once I discovered coffee after I finished nursing Jack in residency.

    I was in Pom Squad (too gravity challenged to be a cheerleader) for two years and finally realized the inanity of it all - quitting in time for my senior year. I swear I just did it to 1) fit in and 2) not have to pick out clothes for three days a week during basketball season. C took cheerleading in first grade and hated it all on her own, so I'm pretty proud I didn't stonewall her desires. She is enjoying hip hop, ballet, jazz and tap much more this year.

    If Diet Pepsi is your worst vice you are doing pretty good, T!

  5. I think everyone has those little "secrets." It is fun sometimes to see people's reactions when they find out you did something, that in their eyes is SO uncharacteristic of you.

  6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also a cheerleader--and I would have been, if I had been accepted!


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