Monday, December 6, 2010

Next Topic Week on MiM: Work-Life Balance

For the last Mothers in Medicine Topic Week of the year (the week of Dec 13), the topic will be Work-Life Balance. For the new readers out there, topic weeks are weeks devoted to one topic only, and guest posters as well as regular MiM writers are welcome to contribute posts on the topic. (These started out as Topic Days, but with sometimes as many as 12-15 posts, it got to be a bit much to cram into 24 hours.)

For our Work-Life Balance topic, anything related to the topic is fair game. How we each define/measure/struggle/negotiate it, times in our careers where it was the most/least struggle, strategies we use to achieve it, its importance to us, perhaps what we've done in the workplace to facilitate this for everyone else, etc.

Readers, please submit your posts, if so inspired, to These can include questions to pose to everyone else, as well.

(See sidebar links for previous Topic Days/Weeks)

Hope to see you next week!


  1. KC- I would love to hear from someone who perhaps has actually taken some time away from medicine, and then returned to practice. If anyone is out there.....

  2. Would love to hear from someone who's husband does most of the child/house work.

  3. i'd love to hear about dating/marrying someone outside of the medical field who is making less money than the average doctor. does it really affect the relationship when the woman is financially responsible for the household?

  4. Would love to hear whether or not sacrifices in lifestyle are truly a choice. If they are - what motivates that choice? Is it truly worth it? And ... if it is not a choice, do you regret having chosen this path that forces you to make these lifestyle sacrifices?

  5. I would also like to hear from someone who has a spouse who takes care of house and kids. My husband currently stays home with our 18 month old son and will continue to through residency, which I will begin in July. Any tips on ways to support/encourage our support at home while being a stressed and exhausted intern?

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