Monday, November 22, 2010

Guys Do It All the Time

When I first saw him, I’m pretty sure I let out an audible gasp.

It was love at first sight.

As I approached, I began to get goose bumps.

Could I really be thinking, what I was thinking.

Married, Doctor-moms, in their mid-thirties shouldn’t do such irresponsible things.

But, I couldn’t help it, it just felt so right.

Then his intoxicating scent hit me….a perfect blend of leather and new car smell.

As, I sank into those beautifully stitched seats and took my first test drive, I was officially smitten. He cornered like he was on rails and his torque sent my stomach into a tail spin.

Then I had to break the news to my husband.

Honey, I’m buying a new Camero. A ruby red Camero with leather seats and a kick-ass radio.

Really my husband says? That doesn’t really seem like you?

I know. That‘s why I want it.

Don’t you want a Honda Odessy like all your friends?


We already have an SUV for hauling the kids, so my car essentially drives me back and forth to work which is only 5 miles. I was not even considering buying a new car until mine literally got washed away in a natural disaster*, giving me only days to find a new one. In the past I’ve always carefully researched for months which slightly used car was the proper choice, then proceeded drove it forever. This time, I didn’t have the luxury of months to pour over Consumer Reports, so I just went with my gut.

In the grand scheme of things its not that big of deal what car you drive, so why not have fun with it?. Really, in the words of Mindy McCready, “Guys Do it All the Time.” Most of the Orthopods at my hospital buy a new European sports cars every few years. I spent about a third as much. Hey, I’m just doing my part to help stimulate the economy.

Let me just say that our relationship has flourished. I LOVE my car. It’s a fun escape from my real world. For 15 minutes twice a day , I am no longer a suburban soccer mom, I am the cool kid; the race car driver; the rock star; maybe even the homecoming queen. I am one with the road. I find myself taking the scenic route home , soaking in the sights. Enjoying the purr of the motor as I drive through the country side.

So, I have a new man in my life. Perhaps I am having a little midlife crisis as my mom has suggested.

I don’t really care though, cause my new car is Bitchin’.

*In all seriousness, please take a minute to look through the pictures in this link. Though, mostly ignored by the national media, the Mayday Flood of 2010 was absolutely terrifying to live through.


  1. Go you! I think if I could have the fun sports car of my dreams, it would be some sort of Porsche, but that's just me. You have nothing to apologize for.

  2. You go girl! My sister had a ruby red Camero with t-tops in college. I was the one with the black Jeep Wrangler with Lizzard on the license plate. I loved driving her car - but be careful in the rain that thing can fishtail in a heartbeat - I remember doing a 180 on a busy street and landing in the wrong lane (thankfully car and us were unhurt). Maybe being a 15 year old driver had something to do with it.


  3. Ha, so happy you said it first. A bitchin' camaro! Just don't do any donuts on anyone's lawn. Enjoy!

  4. Right on. I got a BMW Z3 when I was 40, and it's been way more fun than I expected. And my daughter was so excited when she finally got a ride in it on her 10th birthday, so perhaps I started a tradition!


  6. Kellie (General Surgeon)November 26, 2010 at 4:32 PM

    Color me jealous!

    Congratulations :)

    On the other hand, floods are scary. We had 2 episodes this year, spring and fall. Nothing quite as bad in my town as what those floods were like in TN. Did close the main route from my house to work.


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