Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog

I've been blogging for a number of years at this point. My original blog started as a non-medical place to play with writing, but soon evolved (devolved?) into a medical-based journal. I participated in Grand Rounds and kept up with multiple individuals through their blogs. I cried with Fat Doctor when she was hospitalized for her recurrent strokes, and was appalled when one of the "name" bloggers was publicly outed during a malpractice trial. It was in the middle of this that KC approached and asked about this site - for a short time, I tried to do both. But life changes, and so did my job; I soon learned that private blogging was frowned upon in my new group, and so my blog was (reluctantly) deleted. I'm still debating whether I want to start a new blog; if I do, it would have to be public, not anonymous. And as already described by so many, the concerns about self-censorship leading to a dry (BORING!) output has held me back.

When I was blogging regularly, I thought it was "secret" - but kids (especially teens) know everything, and I'm pretty sure my sons read my blog routinely. I haven't shared my blogging with this site with too many; in part, I'm frustrated by my lack of output. Like many of the other mom-docs who share in this site, life too often gets in the way of trying to put together a post.

My goal is to discover a better way to incorporate writing (this blog, NaNoWriMo, crazy ideas like "Elena Kagan Effectively Kills the Exercise called Kegel in Early Court Decision") into my daily life - much like exercise, time for family, and everything else beyond that black hole called work. I'm happy to be a part of this group, even if my contribution remains small. But trying to figure out this whole life-in-balance-thing was part of the reason for this blog's existence, right? Let's keep figuring it out together - one post at a time.



  1. Maybe I'm confused about the terminology you've used. You said your current practice frowns on "private" blogs. Are you referring to anonymous blogging? Blogging with a restricted audience where only people you've given permission to can view it? Is a "public" blog one in which you use your real full name and blog on behalf of your practice?

  2. Snap! We've unwittingly chosen the same title today. I'm fascinated by the reasons for blogging/not blogging...but sadly my studies take me in another direction.

  3. I for one, miss your blog :) but you probably know that.

    I was thinking about you earlier today ..thrilled to see your post here!

    Wow, we've been on this blogging journey for quite a while, haven't we? All it's ups and downs ... and life changes :)

  4. Old MD Girl - sorry if I was confusing; yes to any anonymous blog and for a time, any personal blog. However, the President of the corporation recently started his own blog, so restrictions are being eased up a bit - but anything I did would have to be under my name.
    SMS - looking forward to your viewpoint!
    PK - Hope school is going well this semester; you were one of my early inspirations in this blogging world!


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