Monday, October 11, 2010

A Letter From Your Doctor

Dearest patient, this letter is for you.
I hope you read it, all the way through.
There are a few things I want you to know,
First, I am sorry for being so slow.
I can’t seem to break this habit of mine,
of sleeping in until 4:09.
I roll out of bed and onto the floor,
wondering what the day will have in store.
Rounds in the hospital run hour after hour,
The patients’ desire to ask questions is beyond my power.
I make my way through morning traffic and into the clinic,
Go through the labs and many calls in a panic.
By 7:30 I must see the first patient,
The hours in a day are never sufficient.
Sarah is next in line to be seen,
Telling me about her headaches and rebellious teen.
The lobby is getting crowded as the time flies by,
Patients are restless but my mind is on Sarah, I cannot lie.
Mr. Anderson tells me he is mad about the wait,
I apologize and tell to stop smoking or a heart attack will be his fate.
Oh and by the way,
He won’t be able to pay today.
I can only smile and say alright, for you see,
The patient’s well being is really what matters to me.
The next patient is certain he has the Juju Joogled.
I will tell you now, doctors hate being Googled.
The complaints roll in about coughs, pains, vomiting and loud farts.
I finally finish at 5 o’clock and then there are hours of finishing charts.
I rush home to see my family, and as I walk through the door I hear,
“Hey, Mom, my project is due, what do you know about the 1800s and the western frontier?”
Before I know it the day has rushed by to an end.
I fall into bed at a quarter ‘til twelve only to wake up and do it again.
Many familiar faces flash in my dreams,
My patients will never leave me it seems.
So I beg for your forgiveness the next time I am running late,
I can only pray that the care you receive is worth the wait.

*All patients are fictional.


  1. I love this! Going to post share this on my FB.

  2. My favorite part is that you slept in til 4:09. So true! When you come to clinic late, they assume you've been sleeping. We WISH!

  3. glad you liked it...thought it summed up the last 10 years of my life. Didn't even add anything about the military medicine.

  4. I forgot to say how much I loved this. I thought I had! Welcome again.


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