Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seriously, I wanna know....

Is there a dress code for primary care physicians?

Some back story... a new drug rep came into my pediatric office to promote the latest asthma inhaler. I can't remember the name of the drug because she I was preoccupied with her purple maxi dress. Floor length knit dresses seem kind of appealing - comfortable, cover up all manner of figure flaws, easy to move in (until they get caught in the wheels of my rolling stool) and no ironing, but are they appropriate attire for a pediatrician?


  1. I go by, and teach my students, the watch out for clevage (bottom of bossom) rule, That dress sounds as though it could definitely pass the test and I think it sounds lovely. If the excess length caused stool wheel incidents you could adjust the length?
    I think paediatricians have a bit more of a license for brightness!

  2. Anything classic, and not showing leg or cleavage that would distract the eye should be fine for a woman in medicine. From a patient and parent standpoint, I like to see the doctor in simple, neat and comfortable attire. It shows them to be real and I'm not drawn away from what they are saying to flashy clothing, jewelery or accessories.

  3. I used to wear "dressed up" clothes (with nylons, no less) but lost enthusiasm some years back. Now I just wear khakis and a nice shirt like the guys do. Hardly any of the guys seems to wear a tie any more.

  4. this question reminds me of a post i wrote on my blog a while ago. the post is linked below. it is about why i wear jeans to work on a regular basis (im a pediatrician). and while i do get some funny looks (mostly from grandparents bringing their grandchildren to see me) and many questions "are YOU really the doctor?", generally my patients are very comfortable with me, the kids are not intimidated, and people continue to come back to see me again and again.

  5. Woops I meant bottoom And Bossom

    Hipsters have a lot of bottom clevage to answer for

  6. Bekkles - I agree - try to keep my DD locked and loaded at all times. I tend to choose classic/Talbot's style work clothes, but I like a little variety. I might consider a maxi dress if 1) had sleeves and not spaghetti straps like the drug rep (a little beachy) 2) doesn't disrupt/distract from doing my job - like when my favorite chain gets caught in my stethoscope!

  7. MWAS- I say go for the maxi dress with a nice cardigan on top. Allows you to wear spaghetti straps, strapless dresses and still look professionally dressed.

  8. I always have trouble with dresses because there's no place to clip my cell phone. If I stick my cell in my pocket, it tends to fall out when I take out my stethoscope or prescription pad, and sometimes I forget it at work, still sitting in my pocket! That being said, I think anything professional looking works. I personally don't ever wear jeans, and actually today I'm wearing an NFL jersey in honor of my staff who are huge NFL fans (said jersey on loan from my nurse), which totally clashes with my nice skirt and sandals.

  9. From a parents point of view as long as the doctor isn't scandolous, too skimpy then I'm fine with whatever they are wearing. I currently work as an MA in a psychiatrists office and we do jeans on Friday. The guys generally wear jeans and a collared shirt, the women jeans and a nice shirt although there are some that "push" the dress code. Personally I think jeans are fine as long as they aren't ripped or torn. Or too tight.

  10. I'm an OB... I'm too short to wear the maxi dress or I totally would. I wear mostly Ann Taylor. Dress slacks/ flats/ dress shirt or knit shirt. I have a partner who wears jean skirts and flip flops routinely... Initially in practice I was accused of being too young and unlike Tempeth, I seemed to find too much time to shop (is it bad if they know your name at Banana Republic) so I bought very formal attire.

  11. I'm a peds resident and I wear maxi dresses a large percentage of the time (I didn't wear pants for religious reasons through part of college and med school, and then was to cheap to buy any once I started being OK with wearing them again, so my wardrobe is completely skirts and dresses)
    For me, I'm looking for the following:
    1. Straps must be at least one inch
    2. Absolutely no cleavage showing
    3. Stays below the knee when I sit
    4. No denim at work
    5. No underwear lines showing through

    If it meets all those criteria, why not wear it?

    I clip my pager to the collar of the dress, usually at the very top so that it rests on my shoulder.


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