Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Start of Something New

In a less than a week, I will be a full time university student for the first time ever. I'm 27, I've been married for over 9 years, and I have an 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter, but somehow this milestone still feels enormous.

My husband and I are both transferring to the university after many years of on and off attendance at our local community college, interrupted by marriage and child birth and sudden medical issues with our youngest child. He is a criminal justice major and I am biological and physical sciences major, working steadily to complete my premed requirements. Last semester he and I alternated nights in evening classes during the week, and on Saturday I spent the day in Biology II. Add in his full time job and my volunteering at the hospital, and we were like two ships that passed occasionally to hand off the children and their information and we generally managed collapsed into the same bed at night, except when KayTar (my youngest) was sick and demanded his place in the bed.

This semester is promising. He is able to complete the remainder of his degree online, and I am finally able to take day classes. We may have some semblance of a normal family life for a few months! KayTar will be starting Kindergarten, which means both of our kids will be in school for full days. KayTar has a slew of special medical needs (that are mostly well-controlled at this point) and gets sick frequently, but my mother has agreed to keep her when she is home sick from school. She knows how to tube feed her, check her urine for ketones, test her glucose levels, and administer her medications. She knows her favorite books and television shows. She is one of KayTar's favorite people and I know they will be fine. And yet? I'm nervous and I feel a little bit guilty. I've been KayTar's primary care giver, in sickness and in health, ever since we realized things were not quite right with her. Stepping away from that, even in a small way, is going to be a bit of an emotional adjustment for me. KayTar is already excited about spending her sick days with my mother!

Our schedule is still a little bit wild; shared drop off and pick up from the kids' school, driving to and from downtown to get to my school, volunteering at the Children's Hospital, volunteering at the local free clinic, volunteering at the kids' school, shadowing physicians, baseball and cub scouts for BubTar, dance and twice weekly therapies for KayTar, along with interspersed appointments with her various doctors...hopefully we don't have any ER visits or urgent surgeries this semester like we did last semester! It is going to take a lot of teamwork to make this work, but I think it will be worth it. Wish us luck!


  1. I really enjoy your blog over at The Journey and look forward to reading you here, as well.

  2. Much, much luck to you! Even more prayers! :) You can do this... you've been working hard on this path for quite a while now. I'm so proud of you, cheering you on!

  3. You know I'm a big fan, Kyla. Good luck to you! If anyone can do it, you can. Great to see you here at MiM. I'll keep following at The Journey as well.

  4. so excited for you. I've transferred to the university from community college for my first time as well.

    It is more different than I'd expected, but in a good way.

    Good luck!!

  5. So glad your mother is there to help with KayTar - and that you'll be able to focus more on your studies. Excited for you and the future.

  6. You are an inspiration! I am currently taking all of my pre-med requirements after finishing college 2 years ago and feeling pretty anxious. I don't have nearly the number of responsibilities that you have. I don't even have the words to say just how wonderful I think you are! Best of luck and well wishes!

  7. If there is one thing I know, it is that if anyone can do is you, my dear. Bset of luck!

  8. of course it will be worth it! you've done amazing things already, pretty soon you can add this to your list!


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