Sunday, August 1, 2010

The last diaper and other things I do and don't miss...

My baby is turning 4 (years) tomorrow. Soon there will be no massive car seat, just a booster. Got me thinking about the other things that end or go away, and those that I miss but don't miss.

The last clean emergency use diaper, in the trunk, glove compartment, bag.
The last dirty diaper (emergency use?) in, well, you know where it goes.
No more potty seats (yay) but still helping to wipe their bottoms...

But on to another theme. With losses and transitions I find a happy and a sad. Good bye to pumping (yay), breastfeeding (awwww).

Last power outtage where we have to worry about losing all the stored frozen breastmilk in the freezer (yay), but still threw out lots and lots of chicken nuggets.

Love reading all good books to the kids all the time (and bad books some of the time) , and wondering if daughter is needlessly worried that we won't read to her now that she can read (not true, honey!!)

Didn't realize that with kids (or even just one) comes that last time I'd get to sleep late! But that will hopefully return someday.

Gave away the swing, bouncy seat, and play-yard! More space. Filled with more stuff.

Goodbye high chair. Still some laps!

Goodbye stroller. Still some carrying!

Last day of daycare. First day of Kindergarten.

Last maternity leave. Last return to work from maternity leave.
Last labor.
Last baby.
But very full lives together ahead and of course oh so many firsts to celebrate!

Some lasts are more momentous than others. You just never know. Hoping not to have any last hugs, last kisses, last sharing, last snuggles, last giggles...

What do you and don't you miss?


  1. Oh, I miss nursing so much. Lucky for me - I have nursing dreams. Not that often - kind of like flying dreams - but when they happen I wake up so happy.

    I do not miss the massive car seats that trap dried milk and cereal goo. But I was sad to watch my 7 year old give up her booster this summer. Only one booster left!

    Do not miss diapers and potty seats. But diapers never really bothered me, when the babies had only breastmilk. It didn't become unpleasant until additional means of nutrition added stink.

    I was off this week, and I feel like I indulged my (newly) 5 year old a little much in his requests for carrying. But I kept thinking - "It is going to end so soon!" and then I'd hoist him up in my arms (to my back's chagrin).

    I remember on weekends - many were just myself and the kids - when they were 1-2 and 3-4 we would all bathe together. It would entertain for hours - I have a giant tub. I would comb Wal-Mart for the latest fun bath fizzies, tub tints, and bubbles and we would swim through the winter weekends. I miss that.

  2. More than anything, I miss the giggle.
    I miss it all ..even the sleepless nights, potty training, toys to trip over, but, it is that giggle ..from either son that I miss the most.

  3. GS, definitely still carrying from time to time because at some point we con't be able to and/or they won't want to! Ah, and time in the tub, that goes well with Dreaming Again's giggles for sure. When and why do they ever stop the giggling?

  4. I wish I could miss the diapers. KayTar is 5.5 and we're still in pull-ups. Chronic constipation managed with Miralax makes it tough to leave those behind altogether!

    We had to have her bottles surgically removed, LOL, she couldn't give them up until we placed her g-button.

    We're still carrying her often and using the stroller at times, she sleeps with me when she's sick, she's still in a 5-point harness. By the time we leave most of her baby-ness behind, I'll be more than ready for it! :)

  5. So many memories! But I think I miss the carrying (not even a passing consideration now, with strapping young men of 5'8"/130 lbs and 6'3"/180 lbs now gracing my home), the sudden onset of incredibly deep sleep, the snuggles and wet kisses into my neck, and yes, the giggles. There's nothing I find more engaging and infectious than a toddler's giggle!

  6. Not at the point of serious reminiscing yet but I KNOW I will miss my boy saying to me, "Big hug, big kiss," everyday to me. Pretty sure that's not going to happen when he's 16.


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