Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comic Relief

Our hospital recently bought new scrubs. They reminded me of an incident that occurred shortly after starting my intern year.

My chief resident was late for morning rounds by a few minutes and in quite a foul mood when she arrived. We interns we too afraid to ask what the issue was, but later I heard her venting to a fellow chief.

Evidently her 10 year old son had asked a simple question, "Mom what color are your scrubs going to be now that you are a chief?"

"What do you mean?" she had inquired.

"Well when you were an intern you had scrubs with an orange belt, then second year you got promoted to the brown. Third year you got the red belt. So what color do you get as a 4th year?"

It was at this point that I looked closer at the badge. I saw the much thinner face on her badge that was taken her intern year and realized why she was so upset.

explanation: The drawstring colors are the sizes of the scrubs orange = small; brown = medium; red = large


  1. Oh gosh, this post actually cracked me up! I loved it! =)

  2. Ha! I guessed the punchline a little before but still grew red in the face for her cause I knew what had happened. Kids are so innocent - he was probably comparing it to Karate or something.

    I tried to stay away from too many scrubs, during residency, and only wear them twice a week now, cause I have no self-control with food - they are so easy to loosen (and fool yourself!). I need a fixed waistline on a semi-regular basis to help me discipline myself -- not that I haven't had my ups and downs on the scale (especially having two kids).

  3. That is awesome. Gotta love kids!

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