Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rh+ Year #2

This has been an amazing year for me. I began the year with several posts about my struggle to find peace in my life as an OB/GYN; daily delivering babies for others, all the while my heart aching for another child of my own. Then in November our lives changed in 24 hours, we we got the call from the agency that now was the time (yes we waited 3 years to adopt, then got our son with only 24 hours notice). I'm still adjusting to life with two and have half a dozen half- written blog posts saved on my computer that I promise to finish 'soon' (a relative term with a new baby).

I have really enjoyed following the blog this year. MomT wrote an excellent post on her maternity leave, though I found myself extremely jealous of her lengthy time off. I seriously will not read any post by Tempeh before work, because I almost always cry and have to touch up my makeup; causing me to run late. Fizzy cracks me up. Gizabeth has a wonderful way with words. Of course, my soul sister and fellow OB/GYN, Dr Whoo is the bomb.

Thanks again for letting me apart of this wonderful group of women!


  1. Thanks RH+! I remember those days with newborn + kid - I am honestly impressed you can even open a computer. I missed the entire 2nd term of Bush's presidency. It gets easier, promise!

    My son Jack - my little one - is 5 today. God, time flies. Cherish it.

  2. This year has been an amazing one for you--feel privileged to have been able to follow along with you and your family with the adoption journey. I remember your first guest post(s) for MiM and how glad I was to have you join us then. To many more birthdays writing with you.


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