Thursday, June 3, 2010

Combining words and at least half intelligible

That's a TWO YEAR OLD for you! MIM is two now, and my favorite posts are all of yours, especially finding out what each of you do on a typical day-in-the-life. I am thoroughly honored to have been surrounded by such talented, funny, thoughtful, thought-provoking women.
A lot has happened since I saw the gaping cavity (a lot of brushing and flossing and visits for fluoride varnish), and it's May/June/July again where I remind myself to slow down. But when I reflect on "my" accomplishments over the past year, these include successfully taking the training wheels off the bike (Daughter, this weekend!), actually playing tennis again (Me, last weekend), renewed job satisfaction (Husband), memorizing the entire Beatles box set (Son), and learning to read and reading for pleasure (all of us). And there are also the accomplishments and needs of my patients and students that keep me going.
And being with MIM turning two, indeed growing and developing exceptionally well. Beginning to show some defiant behavior and increasing independence. Walking so well that we're running. Some make believe play, following simple instructions, and scribbling on our own. And enthusiastic to be in the company of each other. Alas, KC, though an internist in real life, is no doubt MIM's pediatrician and highly skilled at it. Thanks for guiding and serving as a role model for us all. I hope you see us all through adolescence...


  1. What is That I See pre-dated my arrival, so I hadn't read it. LOVE it. What a wise mother you are.

    And I love your assessment of us all - we sound so carefree and happy. And strong. Who says the two's are terrible?

  2. MiM is definitely advanced on the developmental scale. ;)

  3. You know, my decision was always between medicine and peds...

    T, I am so grateful to have met you through this blog. I mean, seriously, wow. Look at all the good that has come out of it. =)

    (and I so remember the cavity incident!)


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