Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things That I Say Every Day (Home Edition)**

Although the dialogue is less technical, the day to day grind finds me saying many of the same things to my wonderful family. Here are a few of my most well-worn phrases....what are yours?

1. Good morning, sunshines!

2. I love you.

3. No.

4. What do you say?

5. Hmmmmm?

6. Put your clothes in the hamper.

7. Stop teasing your brother.

8. Stop torturing your sister.

9. Sorry, you cannot have mac and cheese for breakfast.

10. Sooooo, whatcha want to do for dinner tonight?

11. Thank you for (doing laundry, the dishes, going shopping) honey!

12. Are you ready for a bath time? A bath time party? This is old CindyLou (and Bean) ready to get that bath time started....

13. So, tell me about what you learned today...

14. I need some snuggles (or, the abbreviated, "snugs")!

15. I missed you today.

16. Did you set the DVR?

17. No, no, it is (CindyLou's/Bean's) turn to sit in the front of the tub.

18. Pick out the book you want to read tonight.

19. What was your very favorite part of today?

20. Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams...see you in the morning.

21. Ahhhh, adult time!

22. We need to go to bed earlier.

23. I am going to bed early tomorrow.

24. I love this show!

25. Maybe we can work out....tomorrow.


  1. Here are but a few of my well worn expressions:

    I said NO!

    Stop destroying your brother's Legos.

    You are cute!

    Please Come Here NOW!

    I want to cuddle with you. (Unfortunately not said to spouse, but to 6, 4 or 2 year old).

    Can we talk about something other than Star Wars for the next hour?

    We don't shoot at our brothers.

    Hurry up!

    Let's go!

  2. Oh man... those are all things I say every day too! Here are a few additional ones from our home:

    1. I'm so glad to see you today!

    2. Did you wake up happy this morning?

    3. Remember, NOTHING goes in our nose. Not even fingers.

    4. Can anyone hear me?

    5. That's something you can do (pillow fights, water guns, etc.) when Daddy gets home.

    6. Because Mommy's working right now. That's why.

    7. Nope, Mommies don't need friends in the bathroom with them.

    8. You guys are my favorite kids in the whole wide world!

    9. I'm so glad you're in my family!

  3. 1. What did you dream last night?

    2. Let's name all the people that love you.

    3. Stop torturing your brother/sister!

    4. No. No necklaces. No questions. No hugs. Let me finish going to the bathroom (inspired by Kara).

    5. What was your favorite thing at school today?

    6. What was the worst thing that happened to you today?

    7. No book/song unless you brush your teeth and get ready for bed RIGHT NOW!

    8. OK. I'll stop cleaning and play with you (they call me on my OCD behavior all. the. time.).

    9. If you come out of bed to talk to me one more time - no Friday treasure chest.

    10. You are my favorite (boy/girl) on the entire planet.

    11. I love you more than the sky. The planets. The galaxy.

  4. 1. Good morning!
    2. Let's go change your di-di.
    3. Oh, what a cute girl!
    4. Just stay here for a minute while mommy makes some coffee.
    5. Oh, really? Tell me more. (response to many coos and gurgly noises)
    6. Whoa! That was a loud one...let's go change your di-di.
    7. Here comes the hippo. (referring to a toy, not myself)
    8. Oh, you don't want the hippo? What about the talking star?! Oh, ok, here comes the booby.
    9. What a tired girl.
    10. It's sleepy time...mommy loves you.

    I'm on month 4 of maternity has never been this simple...or this complicated. :)

    I'm so glad I found your site. It's nice to know I'm not alone on this crazy journey!

  5. #22 and #23 are the story of my life!!!


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