Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling the Love

(*Leah lucked out and had 2 MiM writing in response to her question!)

Leah recently earned a PhD in Immunology and is married to a 4th year medical student/ soon-to-be orthopedic surgery intern. She has a newborn and a 2 year-old.

What are some special things that your spouse has done to make you feel loved/supported during your residency?

There are too many things that my husband did (and still does) to make residency a little less miserable for me. Those listed below are just a few of the highlights....

~ Put his career and plans on hold to move with me and follow me from medical school to residency to my jobs thereafter.

~ Wrote me love notes left on the kitchen counter on the days we could not see one another.

~ Listened to me whine, cry, and gnash my teeth, and provided a broad shoulder upon which to cry.

~ Did his best not to vomit when I chose to share certain details about my day (he tends to be a bit squeamish).

~ Went to the grocery store, folded laundry, got a cleaning lady for our house.

~ Put me to bed when I would come home post-call and pass out on the couch with an un-touched open bottle of beer in my hand.

~ Surprised me with the china hutch I had been coveting one weekend when I was on call, and set it up with all of our china displayed so that it was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door.

~ Took care of me when I was having pregnancy complications, and stood up for me when I was being mistreated by the residents that I thought were my friends.

~ Arranged a surprise 30th birthday party for me with good friends at a time when I was feeling lowly and friend-less.

~ Always, always, always made home a safe, warm place to fall. Thank you, Mr. Whoo....I would have never survived residency without you!


  1. Indeed, I am, Gizabeth. I could not do what I do without the incredible support I have from my husband...for that I am eternally thankful. :)

  2. You are lucky, indeed! Perhaps you should write a manual on "How to Be a Good Partner to a Resident." You'd make a ton of money as this would be a requisite purchase for any spouse/partner to a graduating med student! Honestly, though, I felt sad reading your list as I realized that I did not experience this from my partner at all, and just felt like I was expected to do my work and then come home and do MORE work, instead of veg out which is all I wanted to do.


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