Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bradley Method for Life *

At 3 am this morning I stood by my laboring patient's bed. I know her very well. Her heart's desire was to have a natural childbirth. She was 6 cm and progressing well. She looked at me after her contraction.... "Doctor, How much LONGER will this Take.... I can't do this for hours!"

I encouraged her, you don't have to make it for hours. Just make it through the next contraction. Then will think about the one after that. Relax in between. Breathe.

Two hours later she delivered a beautiful baby girl naturally. Tears of joy rolled down her face.

Tonight as I finally drove home, after a full day at the office, my mind raced. I miss my kids, deadlines and responsibilities are looming everywhere. How on earth am I going to make it through the stress of the next few weeks. I am currently back in survival mode. I haven't been here in a while and its not pleasant.

I will make it, though. One day at a time. One patient at a time. I'll try to find moments in between to go to my happy place. Perhaps when it gets really bad, I'll get in the 'knee chest position' and moan or perhaps soak in the tub..... but I will make it.

*I am not an expert on the Bradley Method, though I am a fan.


  1. Great post, Rh+. Sometimes I really wish there was a way to take yourself out of the hurry and hustle of the moment and "just breathe." Soaking in the tub, preferably with some wine, works, too. You will get through it, on breath at a time.

  2. I just found your blog and am intrigued. I'm a Bradley teacher and so often find these principles apply to daily life, too! Thanks for sharing, and keep taking it one day, one patient, one contraction at a time. And THANK YOU, on behalf of mothers, childbirth educators, and doulas everywhere for being there for your patient when she needed you most.

  3. I loved this! I first heard about the Bradley method 21 years ago, pregnant with my first child and having serious problems, intellectually, with lamaze. I, needed something different. I saw a news story on it and checked it out. My husband and I love the method ...
    I've only met a couple of women who used it, but they, like me, find it to be so simple it's profound.

    Your posting gives the clearest example of why.

    I too, have found many times taking the lessons I learned in those classes and applying them to ..parenting, loving, living ...breathing ... and being a patient in many other areas of medicine.

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  5. Love it. I find natural birth metaphors everywhere in my life, from when I instantly launch into the breathing techniques I learned to use during labor when I stub my toe to coaching people through much more metaphorical births.

    Great post. You can do it! Breathe.


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